Are Male Enhancement Pills Safe?

Are Male Enhancement Pills Really Safe?



There are a lot of companies that make natural male enhancement pills claiming that they have the solution to make your penis bigger, allow to to last longer in bed, or increase sexual performance, but many of these companies are selling bad or substandard products that do not work.  Unfortunately, since natural male enhancement pills are sold as dietary supplements,  their performance claims are not regulated by the FDA and relies mainly on reviews from other men who have purchased the products to validate or refute the performance claims if a male enhance really works.  There are a lot of solutions for men seeking a natural male enhancement, like male enhancement pills, devices, penis enlargement exercises, and surgery, but the fact is people want immediate male enhancement results and generally don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for surgery, so they rely on the claims on a package of male enhancement pills or rely on customer reviews on which natural male enhancement is the most effective and the most secure solution to help men who desire to increase the size and length of their penis, to last longer in bed, or are seeking a natural erectile dysfunction cure.



Do Male Enhancement Pills Work?

There are many popular penis enlargement pills on the market that do an amazing job of marketing their products, but when you search for the list of ingredients or amount of each ingredient in the “proprietary formula” the manufacturer hides this information.  What is a company hiding when they don’t list the ingredients, or only states a proprietary blend of ingredients ?  Generally this is due to they skimp on the more expensive key ingredients that actually work, and use more fillers which are cheap, inexpensive and less effective ingredients that allows the company to still charge a premium price and increase their profit margin.

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A leading supplier of a natural male enhancement should list the ingredients and amount of each of these ingredients per capsule, and proper dosage to give you the best results.  Also, since natural male enhancement ingredients react differently with each person, it can take up to two or three    weeks before they build up in your system and you begin seeing a positive result.  Any product that promises immediate results should be avoided, but also don’t assume the product doesn’t work if you don’t see immediate results.


What Ingredients Should be included?

The natural male enhancement product should contain saw palmetto extract or powder, or ashwagandha as the primary ingredient, since these two products are the most widely used natural ingredients in male enhancement supplements that help relax blood vessels and improve blood flow.   Other key ingredients used in natural male enhancement products are mauca, horny goat weed, genseng, ginko biloba and cinnamon bark to name a few.  These ingredients have many roles from increasing libido, boosting production of testosterone, increasing sexual desire, improving utilization of nitric oxide in the blood and improving your mood.


 Look for Real Testimonials

Unfortunately many companies manufacture fake customer testimonials on their website touting the benefit of male enhancement.  Whether or not you buy the product on, this is a great place to find unbiased product reviews from people who have purchased the product.  Make sure the review is from a Verified Purchaser of the product.  Some companies will post fake reviews on this website as well, and is detectable if you see several positive reviews left on the same day.

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Can You Contact the Manufacturer?

If the company doesn’t list a physical address or a 1-800 telephone number to call, and only lists an email address to contact the company, this is a big red flag for us, and we generally stay away from these products.


Where is the Website located?

In addition to a physical address and easy contact method, the website should have a (.com) (.net) or (.org) extension on the end of the web address.  If the website URL ends with a (.CN) the website is located in China, or if the website URL has an (.RU) extension, the website is being hosted by a company in Russia.  Definitely stay away from any company that has a (.ng) extension as this website is based in Nigeria, and unfortunately many Nigerian based website owners are trying to steal personal or financial information and should be avoided.  Again, these are red flags and we stay away from companies like these until we can verify the existence and validity of the company.  Unfortunately many companies from Russia and China are tied to organized crime, and while the site looks legitimate the content will be a bit thin compared to a legitimate male enhancement product manufacturer.  Their goal is to steal your personal information or money.  If they send you a product, in many cases the the product is counterfeit, is expired or may not even contain the listed ingredients.

Acceptable non-US based websites are (.CA) which means the website is based in Canada,  (.AU) for an Australian based website, (.NZ) for New Zealand and (.UK) for United Kingdom.  Now you should still do your homework when buying from a company with one of these types of websites, as even though they are acceptable as compared to a male enhancement product from China, Russia or Nigeria, even shady characters can be located in the US, Canada, Australia or the UK.

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About Men’s Health Cures Product Reviews

When possible, Men’s Health Cures staff uses the male enhancement pills before writing a product review.  When this is not possible, we do extensive research to find out what is in the product, what the manufacturer states the product is supposed to do, does the product meets these claims, and what are real customers saying about the product.  We also check into whether the product is manufactured in the US, and is made in a an FDA certified facility for your safety and satisfaction.




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