LA Pump - Natural Erectile Dysfunction Pump Review

LA Pump Deuxe Pump

LA Pump
is an
erectile dysfunction pump
that uses vacuum constriction to help men with erectile dysfunction get a hard erection quickly.

This natural erectile dysfunction treatment works without the use of pills, injections or surgery.

The manufacturer promises your LA Pump is 100% guaranteed to work.

My LA Pump Review

I was contacted by the good folks at LA Pump.  They sent me their poplar manual penis enlargement kit to review, which includes a brass pump and tube,  and their most popular 3″ x 9″ cylinder.

This is my own review and the opinions are my own.

The Deluxe LA Pump erectile dysfunction pump includes a high quality metal pressure gauge.  This helps you ensure you achieve maximum pressure without injury to your penis.

The first erectile dysfunction pump were developed in the late 1800’s.  This was the first natural treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Although the quality of the materials for a penis pump have changes in the last century, the technique and process to increase penis size and overcome the symptoms of erectile dysfunction with a penis pump, have basically remained the same.



LA Pump

Who Should Use It

  • Men who want to use a natural male enhancement to increase the length and width of their penis.


  • Men with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction who want to get an erection.



How Does LA Pump Work?


LA Pump


The LA Pump is a simple to use, yet highly effective,
erectile dysfunction pump
that helps men overcome the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, without using pills like Viagra or Cialis and their unpleasant or even dangerous side effects.

Simply attach the pump to the cylinder,  then put a little water based lubricant on your penis.  Place the cylinder over your penis and slowly begin to pump.  You will feel vacuum pressure begin to build up inside the tube.

Watch the pressure gauge, so you know when the perfect amount of vacuum pressure has been reached.  Your penis will become hard and stiff.

Vacuum pressure builds up inside the cylinder as you pump.

This forces blood into the corpus cavernosum, which are the three sponge-like chambers of the penis.  They will become engorged with blood, and this will cause your penis to become erect.

When you feel the pressure building up, or it becomes uncomfortable, there are two easy ways to relieve the pressure.


It is recommends keeping pressure on the Deluxe Pump with Gauge to be between 4 and 6.



  • Turn the valve at the top of the cylinder counter clockwise to the left until you either feel the vacuum pressure escape, or you hear the hissing sound of pressure releasing.


  • Press the metal coupler on the top the cylinder,  where the male portion of pump tube connects to the female valve.  This will release the pump from the cylinder completely, and vacuum pressure will be released.


  • When you are ready to resume pumping, turn the valve clockwise to the right. This will re-seal the pump to the cylinder or re-connect male portion of the pump tube to the female connector on top of the cylinder.



What Pumps are Available?


LA Pump erectile dysfunction pump
offers two types of pumps that can be used with any of the cylinders, or for any of the male or female LA Pump products.


  • Manual Wet or Dry Pump
  • Manual Deluxe Pump with Gauge (Dry Pump only)

The manual pump is designed for wet pumping in the bath or shower, or dry pumping.  The deluxe pump with gauge is only to be used for dry pumping.  The gauge is not water proof, and water may damage it.


Deluxe Manual Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge


LA Pump Penis pump



Standard LA Pump Manual Pump without pressure gauge

Penis Enlargement device


Pumping is a Gym Workout for Your Penis


Just as going to the gym and lifting weights helps build up your muscles, doing regular penis enlargement exercises with an LA Pump male enhancement system, helps you achieve natural permanent penis enlargement.

The act of forcing blood into the corpus cavernosum, stretches the tissues and ligaments.  These stretching exercises forces blood into the corpus cavernosum.  This causes the tissue around the chambers, called the tunica albuginea to stretch and expand.

This expansion allows more blood to be stored in the chanbers, which results in a longer, harder and thicker erection.


Penis cross section.svg


The penis can only hold as much blood as the expanded tissue will allow, and will not get any longer, harder or thicker unless you stretch the tissue to allow it to hold more blood.  This is where the LA Pump comes in.

By pumping on a daily basis for just 15 minutes, within just a few weeks you will begin to notice your penis is little longer, harder and thicker, when erect.

You should not pump more than 15 minutes per session, up to 4 times per week, for best results and to prevent injury to your penis.  If you begin to feel discomfort in less than 15 minutes, the manufacturers of the LA Pump recommend this is when you should stop.

Each individual is different, and thus each male will reach the daily maximum penis stretching limit at different points.  Some men may reach the maximum at 10 minutes or less, but regardless you should not pump for more than 15 minutes a day.





A Ring is Not Required


With LA Pump, it is not required to use a penis ring, like you often use with other penis pumps, to keep blood in the corpus cavernosum, to maintain an erection.

Some men though report using a pens ring helps in the beginning stages of pumping.  This can train the muscles in your penis to maintain blood pressure.  This allows you to maintain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse.

With many penis pumps, you must first put a penis ring on the shaft of your penis.  This ring helps maintain blood pressure for up to 30 minutes after you pump.




What size penis cylinder do I need to use?


The guide below will help you determine which size cylinder you should use.

LA Pump - Penis Pump


LA Pump penis pump cylinder is available in 8 inch, 10 inch, or 12 inch length in length and comes with multiple diameter options.

Available in the following size options:

  • 1.5″ inches diameterThis penis pump cylinder is 10 inches in length and comes with multiple diameter options.Available in the following size options:
  • 1.5″ inches diameter x 8″or 10″ inches length
  • 1.75″ inches diameter x 8″, 10″ or 12″ inches length
  • 2″ inches diameter x 8″, 10″ or 12″ inches length
  • 2.25″ inches diameter x 8″, 10″ or 12″ inches length
  • 2.5″ inches diameter x 8″, 10″ or 12″ inches length
  • 2.75″ inches diameter x 8″, 10″ or 12″ inches length
  • 3″ inches diameter x 8″, 10″ or 12″ inches length
  • 3.25″ inches diameter x 8″, 10″ or 12″ inches length
  • 3.5″ inches diameter x 8″, 10″ or 12″ inches length
  • 3.75″ inches diameter x 8″, 10″ or 12″ inches length
  • 4″ inches diameter x 8″, 10″ or 12″ inches length


Are Parts Changeable?


The beauty of the LA Pump is its simplicity in design and effective use.  You can quickly and easily change or replace parts.

If you have a manual pump, but want to use the pump with a gauge, just simply press the metal coupler on top of the cylinder to release the pump.  You can insert the male coupler of the pump with a gauge, and pump away!

The process is the same if you want to use a larger or smaller cylinder with your pump.

If the female coupler becomes damaged or breaks, simply unscrew the female coupler from the cylinder and screw in a new one.



LA Pump for Women


LA Pump offers a full line of products were women’s sexual health needs.

Just click a link below to learn more about each product:









How to Clean your LA Pump?

It is recommended that you hand clean the cylinder after each use.  Just use a mild soap and a paper towel to clean the inside of the cylinder.


What is the Warranty and Return Policy?

If the package is unopened, returns for a full refund are accepted within 60 days after purchase date.

When the product package is opened, returns are only accepted if the product is found to be damaged or faulty.  This is due to the intimate nature and use of the product.

If you are not happy with your LA Pump, or find that it does not work as promised or after regular use you don’t see any benefit, contact customer service here  for more help.


How to Buy an LA Pump Erectile Dysfunction Pump

The LA Pump Erectile Dysfunction Pump with metal pressure gauge, is available at


Other US Based Retailers that sell the LA Pump Penis Pump




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