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There are a lot of claims out there lately on TV commercials and in magazine advertisements for products and devices; creams and gels, that promise to increase penis size without very much time, investment or effort.  We all know that if something seems too good to be true, then it usually is.  Product marketers know that men, all too often, put so much emphasis on the desire to have a larger or firmer penis as a way to enhance his self esteem or to make him a better lover.

Millions of men spend $50 to several hundreds of dollars on products that just don’t work, and are left poorer and even more unhappy, frustrated and with even lower self esteem than before they even started down that path of disappointment.  Men go the gym to exercise and do strength training to build bigger, stronger and firmer muscles, but what if there was a proven way to use the same techniques to create bigger and stronger penis?   Now there is…..ErectionFitness created an all natural male enhancement exercise program that promises to add 1.5 to 2 inches in length to give you a longer, thicker and firmer erection that utilizes the same technology that breaks down and rebuilds muscle tissue in your chest, biceps, triceps, and legs to create bigger and stronger muscles, and even better, it is affordable for every budget.


What is ErectionFitness?

ErectionFitness is an amazing 120-day research-proven penis enlargement exercise program that includes specific penis stretching exercises and jelqing techniques, which have been used for centuries to help men just like you who desire to increase penis size.  This program was developed to increase penis size, length and width naturally, using several proven male enhancement exercises that stretch the tissues and ligaments in the penis, called the corpus cavernosum, to increase the volume of blood that creates an erection to permanently make your erection longer, harder, thicker and stiffer erection.

Just as men use body building to increase size and strength of muscles, men with an average size penis and even those with a smaller-than-average penis can workout their penis to achieve an amazing 1.5 to 2 inch improvement in penis size naturally, without pills or surgery.   You will learn a bodybuilding technique, called progressive overload, which increases the demand on muscle and tissue to continually make gains in muscle and tissue size, strength and endurance.

Men who have used the For Men Only CD from ErectionFitness to learn the penis enlargement exercises report not only permanently increasing penis length, width and girth, but due to increased blood flow, many of these men report a stiffer erection, more stimulation, and noticeably more intense climax and ejaculation that your partner will beg you to give her over and over.


How Does the ErectionFitness Progam Work?

ErectionFitness is not an ebook or confusing exercise diagrams you aren’t sure you’re doing properly, rather ErectionFitness contains videos you use in the privacy of your home to help you increase penis size naturally, that does the following:

  • Teach men warm up exercises
  • Learn special penis enlargement exercises to safely and without damage or injury, stretch and strengthen the sponge-like chambers of the penis.
  • You will learn the body building technique of progressive overload, which gradually and consistently increases the exercise intensity to add 1,5 to 2 inches in length.
  • The more blood that is sent and trapped in these chambers will result in a larger rock hard erection, except for one problem….. if the chambers are small, like a guy with scrawny muscles versus a body builder with massive chest, biceps and triceps,  no mater how much blood is sent to your junk, unless you workout your penis to hold more blood, you will have a small erection.
  •  You will find this comprehensive guide and videos easy to use and simple to follow to increase penis size, and you will definitely be happy with the results.



It’s All About Blood Flow


Your penis is not a muscle in itself, but rather a series of sponge-like chambers, called the corpus cavernosum, that fill with blood to give  a man an erection.  The length, width and girth of your erection is all about the amount of blood that flows into your penis, the intensity of the blood pressure, and the strength of the tissue and ligaments to keep the blood in and prevent it from leaking out.

Male enhancement pills may temporarily increase sexual desire, and may make your penis a bit larger, but the improvement is temporary.  Unfortunately,  if your penis has small chambers, like small biceps, the length of your erect penis is limited to the amount of blood that can be stored.

By stretching the tissue of the corpus cavernosum, this allows for increased blood flow into the penis, which is the mechanism to increase penis size, width and girth, and is the best natural male enhancement, since there are no drugs or surgery used and the results are permanent.


Male Enhancement Pills are Not a Permanent Solution

Male enhancement pills are not a permanent solution to increase penis size.  Male enhancement pills can stimulate feelings of sexual desire in your brain, and may relax blood vessels to improve blood flow, but if the corpus cavernosums in your penis can only hold a limited amount of blood, this will result in a .

The key for you to increase penis size is to learn penis enlargement exercises, that will show you how to stretch the chambers of the corpus cavernosum in your penis, which will allow more blood to be stored in your penis.  The more blood stored in the corpus cavernosum equals a longer, harder, firmer and stiffer erection.  Your foreskin will naturally and gladly stretch to accommodate more blood, but you must learn the penis enlargement exercises correctly, to prevent injury or damage to your friend between your legs.


How Much Does it Cost?

The creators of the ErectionFitness For Men Only CD want this penis enlargement exercise program to be affordable for all men, who want to increase penis size, so it won’t cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and there is no monthly membership fee.

You can get the ErectionFitness For Men Only CD for one low payment of just $97, which comes with lifetime membership in the penis enlargement program.

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