Building Healthy Relationships

6 Tips to Building Healthy Relationships

build a loving relationship

Building a loving relationship with your partner is not a simple thing. This reflects everything you feel about you and your partner.  When you hit a rough patch, you may find your partner doesn’t handle it well, thus making your relationship bad or worse.  However, if you have a strong and healthy relationship based on love, respect and communication, you can withstand these rough spots, and this can actually make your relationship stronger.  Having a loving relationship can help in improving the other aspects of your life and will strengthen your body, soul and mind along with making one perfect and happy unit.  This is the reason relationships are considered an investment.   The more you are putting in to it, the better are the returns.  In order to build a loving relationship, here are some healthy tips which are discussed below.

How to Build Healthy Relationships

1. Develop a Safe Environment.  This is an important tip to consider for building a healthy, safe and secure  environment, wherein you could share openly along with trusting each other without any fear.  You are not supposed to interrupt while you see your partner speaking up and sharing something.  Never mind if you have to put your hand over your mouth or walk away to stop yourself and allow your partner to speak.  In relationships people fight, but at such junctures you need to be a fair player- so learn to fight fairly.  There is no need for name calling, giving threats, or hitting below the belt, etc.  At the same time, don’t hesitate to apologize when you know you should. If you see you are losing your temper, get rid of it by going to some other room, take three deep breaths or go for a walk to calm yourself down.  Always remember, you can’t take back something hurtful and anger is your biggest enemy and not your partner.


2. Keep the Facts out of the Feelings.  You should listen and look internally for the negative feelings and beliefs, which can erupt and cause a conflict.  Do you find something in your past, which has been influencing the way you see yourself, your partner or the current situation?  One of the key questions which you need to answer – is this about your partner or simply about you?  What is the real truth behind all these things?  The moment you are able to separate the facts from all your feelings, you can see your partner in a clear light, and thus effectively resolve the issues within yourself or with your partner.


3. Connecting with Several Parts of Yourself.  Everyone on earth is certainly not a solo instrument. People are similar to a choir or any orchestra, where you could see several types of voices coming out at the same time. You need to check and hear or feel what the different parts of your body including your mind, heart, and gut are saying.  For instance, you may see your mind saying to leave your partner, but your heart says that you really love her.  Allow your different kinds of voices to speak to one other. This will help you in finding out the right answer that comes from your whole personality and not from a single part in you.


4. Cultivate and Develop Compassion.  Take time to practice by observing yourself and your partner without being judgmental.  Some portion of your body could be the judge; however, you are not supposed to identify the same since these judgments close the doors of wisdom.  Contrary to judgment is compassion. You live with compassion; you often remain connected, open and always accessible for a respectful dialogue with your partner or spouse.  If you put yourself into the practice of seeing your partner with compassion, you end up getting a greater amount of power to select your response instead of simply reacting.


5. Develop a ‘We’ rather than Living with Two ‘I’s.’   The base of ideas like growth, development and having a mutually supportive relationship has to be connected and at the same time separate.  In any co-dependent kind of relationships, one person seems to be sacrificing something for their partner and compromising themselves for the relationship.  This can lead to an unhealthy relationship.  However, if you choose to remain connected and separate as well, each individual ‘I’ simply adds to embark with a creation of a strong unity of ‘we’, which happens to be much stronger and better than the two separate ‘I’s.  The differences between the two partners are certainly not the negatives.  At times you may fear that the differences between you and your partner could make you feel that you are an incompatible couple, however, these things simply can make your relationship exciting.


6. Invest some Time for your Relationship.   Regardless of the fact that you are a busy person or your commitment at your workplace keeps you from your family or partner, you have to create balance and spend some quality time investing in your relationship.  This will foster love and intimacy between you and your partner that is needed to keep your relationship alive.  Take time to try new things like date night,  having a romantic dinner together or a holiday vacation could help you in nurturing your relationship.  Make sure you create a sacred kind of mutual space for both of you, and shutting out all the digital and electronic gadgets that only add distraction and distance. Like any garden, the more quality time you spend with each other, the more you will find enjoyment and love in your relationship.


Final word Developing a loving relationship is a lifetime investment; hence you should not leave any stone unturned to keep it alive and keep the spark alive. However, if you find a hitch in your relationship, that creeps into every relationship,  take some time to try out these healthy tips to build a loving relationship.


About The Author: Diana is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to Social Cloud.

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