Home Remedies for Back Pain

Home Remedies for Back Pain

Back pain is not an uncommon issue among men. The pain can stem from past injuries, medical conditions, stress and even a current injury. If you have not tried before, there are ways that you can alleviate or prevent the pain.

First off make sure this is a problem that you can fix without professional help. If you have pain caused by chronic conditions and diseases like arthritis, kidney stones, scoliosis, disk breakdown or many medical and mechanical problems then home remedies may not help or could even make the condition take a turn for the worse.

On the flip side, if this is a condition that requires home remedies then read on. A majority of remedial home back pain has 3 causes: habit, the environment, or stress. If you want to eliminate your pain then you will have to attack it from all three sides.

First off are your habits. If you do not regularly exercise, then getting in shape is the first step towards eliminating back pain. People that are obese or have an uncommon balancing of muscles—perhaps weak back muscles or an overdeveloped set of pectorals—tend to create more back pain for themselves. Working out provides your muscles with the ability to balance and compromise.

Second off, you need to change your environment. If you are caught up in a cubicle all day hunched over your computer then try changing how you sit. Conversely if you are in manual labor make sure that you are lifting correctly. There are types of therapeutic materials that can help solve both ends of the spectrum from chairs that help correct your posture to lower back support wraps. Survey your environment and brainstorm on how to fix the detriments.

Lastly is stress. The all around general cause for too many diseases and in this case stress further accentuates the aforementioned problems. Every guy has that one-knot in his back that creeps up on him and just pulls and pains until you cannot stand it anymore. Some great ways to cut down on those knots include stretching and muscle relaxants.

Stretching, if done correctly, can provide similar results as a chiropractor. You can take pressure off of the points of pain while alleviating the muscle or muscles that are pulling your back out of whack. Or you can try other muscles relaxants, for example the types of relaxants you used when you pulled a muscle playing sports. Try hot and cold packs or rubs like Tiger Balm or Icy Hot to help relax those muscles.

The goal is to find a homeostasis where the environment and your habits help perpetuate long term health for your back and the relaxation of your muscles can cut down on the stress that really pulls everything out of balance.

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