3 Health Effects of Excess Belly Fat in Men

3 Health Effects of Excess Belly Fat in Men

Whether you are a male or female the fact is excess belly fat doesn’t really look good, and can have serious health risks if not addressed.  Though this fact is simply not just confined to females,  there are health effects of excess belly fat men need to be concerned with, such as heart disease, obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.  This kinds of fat is visceral belly fat, which is straight away linked to certain health issues.  The best way to find out if you have excess belly fat is to have a Body Mass Index (BMI) test, which will discover how much of your body weight is bone and tissue, compared to excess visceral fat.  If you have a BMI over 25, you should develop a plan to get rid of belly fat.


Excess visceral belly fat, which among men can bring about a number of medical issues like type II diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and risk of heart attack and even the menace of all the disease – cancer.  So, the greater the amount of belly fat found in your body, you have a greater risk of developing health problems.  Hence if you already have one or more of the common health problems associated with excess belly fat, you have all reasons to worry about the same.   Some of the key reasons, why men should get rid of belly fat are in the following paragraph.  Let’s check them out:


1 – Is there a Link Between Belly Fat and Health Problems?

The belly fats are not at all dead or inert based substance inside your body,  but in fact happen to be very much metabolically active fat cells that have a technical term, adipocites.  These substances produce different hormones, which can release good amount of biologically active substances, and can bring about a number of diseases, including high blood cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and even dreaded ailments like cancer.  The hormones also produce certain compounds known as the cytokines, which regulate the immune and inflammatory response  system, resulting from damage to cells and tissue.

These inflammatory compounds are often found in belly fat, that can trigger issues like high levels of inflammation in the body, which can result to problems like metabolic syndrome and even type II diabetes.   Cytokines is related to sleep apnea and several cardiovascular diseases.  Excess belly fat produces certain substances, which hampers insulin utilization of your body, and can increase hunger sensation and reduces the fat burning process as well.   Increased fat levels produces higher estrogen levels that can boost the risk of having serious medical ailments, and many types of disease and cancer cell feed on estrogen.  So, you have big reasons to want to get rid of belly fat.


2 – Belly Fat and Memory Loss

If you have excess belly fat in your mid section, this can lead to memory loss, dementia and eventually Alzheimer’s Disease.  Apart from being the source of many health and medical issues, the presence of belly fat in any male’s body is considered a taboo in terms of beauty and smartness.  You overall physique and physical personality is negatively impacted when a man or woman has excessive belly fat, with it keeping your intelligence and looks at bay.  These fats simply increase your waist size, which can keep you away from wearing modern and fashionable clothes, especially clothes that are focused on thin people.  So in other words, you not only can excess belly fat result in increased medical and health risks, but also end up making your physical looks appear shabby and unattractive.

3 – Excess Belly Fat and and Bone Loss

As per certain medical research carried out by the Radiological Society of North America, having excess belly fats can actually ruin the health of your bones in your body.  It makes the bones weak, especially the areas of buttocks and thighs, which means you can potentially fracture these bones easily with even a small injury as well.  As per the same reports, men having belly fat have a 25 % greater chance of breaking their bones as compared to men without belly fat. However, this has smashed the old belief, which said that men with extra weight had strong bones.

Also, the other research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggested that men who are obese and have visceral body fat that lies deep within the body have a greater chance of developing osteoporosis, due to bone loss and weakening of the bones.  The human body is designed in such a way that it can be healthy and perfect provided it is supported by its ideal weight, which can vary from one man to the other (as per the body type).  Men with excess belly fat do not absorb calcium efficiently, and thus tend to have weakened bones.  Excess weight puts pressure on bones, and when bones are weakened, due to problems associated with belly fat, men can more easily experience bone fractures when doing simple tasks, such as walking up or down stairs.

Final word

Having excess belly fat is not only a big concern for women, but for the men as well. It not only makes your personality and physique look unhealthy, but also brings you closer to a number of medical and health issues. The above are some of the reasons why men should know the health effects of excess belly fat, to improve health and wellness.


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