Top 10 Foods that Increase Sperm Count

fruits and vegetables to increase sperm count


Sperm count in men can be affected by many internal and external factors.  The foods that are ingested can have dramatic affect to either increase sperm count or even reduce sperm count if an unhealthy diet is maintained.

It is important to take foods that will help to increase sperm count especially for couples who are trying to make a baby, and reduce or eliminate foods that can actually decrease your sperm count, such as processed foods, trans-fats, LDL (bad) cholesterol and sodium.

This article includes the foods you should maintain in your diet that will help to increase sperm count, especially if you are trying to conceive a baby.



  1. Dark chocolate

It contains an ingredient called L-arginine and this helps to increase the sperm count. L-arginine also helps to increase the volume of semen and men are able to have better orgasms.

  1. Bananas

One of the ingredients contained in bananas is bromelain and this is an enzyme that controls the hormones that are involved in sexual intercourse. Bananas also provide the body with varied vitamins like vitamin C, B1 and A. This vitamins help to increase the production of sperms and this increases fertility in men. It helps to increase the sexual stamina and enables one to perform better in the bedroom.

  1. Pomegranates

Pomegranates act as an antioxidant in the body. It reduces the level of malondialidehyde which is responsible for destruction of sperms. When one takes pomegranates regularly, the quality of sperms is increased and the amount is also increased.

  1. Beef

One of the ingredients of beef is zinc and this helps in protecting sperms against free radicals. Zinc also helps to prevent testosterone from being converted into estrogen and this helps to increase libido.

  1. Garlic

One of the active ingredients in garlic is allicinn that helps to promote cardiac function. This ensures that blood is well circulated to all the organs of the body to include the genitals. This helps to strengthen the sperms and ensure that they remain in good numbers. Garlic also contains selenium and vitamin B6 that helps to reduce the damage of sperms and control the way the sex hormones are secreted.

  1. Spinach

Spinach provides the body with folic acid and this helps with production of sperms. Folic acid is also used in the manufacture of blood and when the organs of the body are well supplied with blood, sexual activity is enhanced. Folic acid aids in strengthening sperms and increasing their motility.

  1. Walnuts

It is rich in an ingredient called L-arginine that helps to promote the production of sperms and increase the sperm count. It is also made up of omega 3 fatty acids that promote the circulation of blood to the penis. They are also rich in antioxidants that help to protect the body against diseases.

  1. Fruit salad

Most fruits like cherries, oranges and strawberries provide the body with antioxidants. Antioxidants increase the amount of sperm volume and they also prevent their damage. Fruits provide the body with folic acid and this is responsible for strengthening sperms. The antioxidants help to destroy free radicals therefore ensuring that sperms are protected.

  1. Eggs

Eggs help to raise the sperm count and this promotes fertility. They also contain vitamin E and these aids in preventing degeneration of tissues located in the testicles. They are also rich in antioxidants that help to neutralize free radicals.

  1. Water

Water will help to increase the volume of sperms. It also aids in improving the motility and function of sperms therefore improving fertility. It is advisable to take at least 2 liters of water daily to improve the functioning of the body.



A healthy sperm count is required to fertilize an egg, and the foods you eat  can have a dramatic effect to increase sperm count, so it is important for men to know how to increase sperm count, especially if they have low sperm count, and how eat the right foods is so important to increase sperm count naturally.

It is advisable to take foods that increase sperm count and they include dark chocolate, walnuts, pomegranates, water, eggs, banana, spinach, garlic, beef and fruit salads that contain fruits like strawberries, oranges and cherries. These foods provide the body with the nutrients that are needed for production of sperms like zinc. They also contain antioxidants that help to protect sperms from being destroyed.

You should decrease or eliminate foods that can impact testosterone production, which has a impact on healthy testosterone production.  You should eliminate any processed foods, as these are the ones loaded with sugar, sodium, trans-fats and cholesterol.  These foods have been documented can decrease sperm production.


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