Fitculator Review: Personalized Metabolic Meal Plan to Lose Weight

metabolic meal plan for men

Studies have shown that supercharging your metabolism with a healthy metabolic meal plan is a great way for men to lose weight.  A metabolic diet converts sugar, carbs and fat into energy, which helps men lose more weight than exercise alone.

Fitculator is an online personalized 60-Day meal plan and fitness program.   The plan focuses on your metabolism to help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.

You are not eating expensive portion-controlled microwave meals .  Based on your questionnaire results, you are provided with customized meal plans and a shopping list to make your own meals.

You also get an UNLIMITED 7-day FREE access to exercise videos, recipes, music and online community for support.



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What is Metabolism

what is metabolism

Metabolism is a biochemical process that converts protein, sugar, carbohydrates and fat into energy.

As we age, our metabolism naturally begins to slow down, which can lead to packing on the pounds.  When a person has a slow metabolism, the excess calories are stored in your body as fat.

By changing what foods you eat and when you eat them, this can supercharge your metabolism.  When you supercharge your metabolism, this more rapidly converts the food you eat into energy.  This helps promote rapid weight loss.

Fitculator creates a customized meal plan to lose weight and an exercise program, based on your height, BMI, weight management  questionnaire and fitness goals.

You are not denied your favorite foods, whether it is bacon, avocado, cheese, and pasta.  You learn how to eat these foods so they turn on your calorie-burning furnace.   This is the key to boost your metabolism, rather than having them sit in your stomach turning into fat.







How Does Fitculator Work

Fitculator is a unique customized metabolic meal plan and fitness program for men. The program utilizes dietary nutrition to supercharge your metabolism. The plan also includes fitness goals to help you lose weight.

You start by selecting your gender and completing a short 4-step questionnaire here. Fitculator uses the answers from your questionnaire to create a personalized 60-Day metabolic diet meal plan and exercise program for you.


Customers are also asked about:

  • Protein intake (chicken, beef, pork, etc.)
  • Vegetables that the customer would like included in their meal plan (bell peppers, broccoli,mushrooms, broccoli,  etc.)
  • Fruits that you would like to add (oranges, apples, strawberries, etc.)
  • Dairy and plant-based protein to include (yogurt, eggs, tofu, etc.)
  • Level of activity during the day (sit in an office, some activity, walking for work)
  • Number of days of exercise you currently get.
  • Sleeping habits
  • Snacking habits
  • Body measurements, including current height, weight and weight loss goals.




Your Fitculator Meal Plan is based on:


Fitculator Weight loss program for men




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Fitculator Metabolic Meal Plan




Fitculator Focuses on Nutritional Needs


How Fitculator works


  • Height
  • Weight
  • Basal Metabolic Index (BMI)
  • How many times a week you exercise
  • Daily work routine (active or sitting at a desk)
  • Weight loss Goal
  • Nutritional needs


Most weight loss programs available focus on reducing caloric and carbohydrate intake, and instruct you to eat up to 6 portion-controlled meals per day.  To lose weight, you have to eat their expensive portion-controlled meals.

Fitculator is a meal plan to lose weight, which uses your unique nutritional needs.  The questionnaire is used to create your customized diet and fitness plan.  This is an effective and delicious way to meet your weight loss goals.  Rather than eating portion-controlled meals, Fitculator  provides a variety of delicious recipes you make yourself.



Enter the proteins you like to eat.

meal plan to lose weight

Enter the proteins you like to eat.

  • Protein intake (chicken, beef, pork, fish, etc.)
  • You can choose one or all of the proteins to be included in your meal plan.



Enter the vegetables you enjoy eating.

Meal plan to lose weight

  • Select your favorite vegetables that you would like included in their meal plan (bell peppers, broccoli,mushrooms, broccoli,  etc.).
  • You can choose one or all of the vegetables to be included in your meal plan.  The recipes will include these fresh, nutritious and health vegetables.




Choose the fruits you enjoy eating.


  • Select your favorite fruits that you would like included in their meal plan.
  • Fresh fruits provide a well-rounded meal plan.



Select the dairy ingredients you want included in your Fitculator meal plan.

Fitculator sairy proteins







  • Choose your favorite dairy ingredients.


What is your level of physical activity


  • Whether you get no physical activity, exercise a few times a week or work out every day of the week, the plan creates a meal plan to meet your level of physical activity.

No Pre-Made Meals


With Fitculator you are not eating pre made frozen portion-controlled meals.

You are given weekly shopping lists, meals plans and recipes to make your own delicious meals at home.

This is an ideal weight loss solution if you keep kosher, eat Halal, are a vegan or have other dietary restrictions.

As your nutritional needs change, you can quickly update your goals.

Having the ability to adjust your needs, will keep your metabolism supercharged.


Boosts Your Metabolism to Lose Weight






Barbara Minick – Super easy and delicious. The results are amazing. I can’t believe i can eat so well and lose weight.

Deborah Douglas – I lost 15lbs in 30 days! My fitculator diet has been the best one i’ve ever tried!

Richard Hill – Best meal plan I’ve ever tried. You’re never hungry and you lose weight every day

Carolyn Sullivan – I feel extremely confident.  I have always struggled with my weight, but now that I found something that works for me.

Kerry Tyler Eating and dropping pounds.. is this a dream


Metabolic Diet Plan


Fitculator offers a Personalized 60-Day Metabolic Meal Plan and Exercise Program.

  • UNLIMITED 7-day FREE access to exercise videos, recipes, music.
  • Online community for support.
  • FREE shipping on Ketone to maximize and speed up your results.


Fitculator Metabolic Diet

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