Five Benefits of External Prostate Massage

Five Benefits of External Prostate Massage

There are two types of prostate massage that men can perform, internal or external prostate massage.  Internal prostate massage requires inserting a prostate massager into the rectum to reach the prostate gland.  External prostate massage uses an external prostate massager that a man sits on to treat prostate problems naturally, such as enlarged prostate or prostate infection.

How Does an External Prostate Massager Work?

An external prostate massage device  is a soft rubbery device that is shaped similar to a bike seat.  A man simply sits on the prostate massager for ten to twenty minutes daily or a few times a week, and due to the shape, it massages the prostate gland.

What Types of Problems Does External Prostate Massage Treat?


Prostate massage helps alleviate prostate problems naturally, including:

  • Enlarged Prostate
  • Prostatitis
  • Improves urine flow
  • Reduces frequent late night bathroom trips
  • Pain and discomfort, due to inflamed prostate tissue
  • Painful ejaculation

Five Benefits of External Prostate Massage

Here are the key benefits of External Prostate Massage for men:

1) Some older men or men who are obese may have difficulty inserting a traditional prostate massager into their rectum. When you use an external prostate massage device, this problem is solved since the man simply sits on the massager to receive relief for prostate problems.

2) Due to religious or personal choice, some men find the back side a bit taboo.  This problem is solved since the man simply sits on the external massager to treat prostate problems naturally.

3) Some men do not wish to be naked to use a device to treat prostate problems.  An external prostate massage device can be used fully clothed, so the issue of nudity is a non-issue here.

4) With an internal prostate massager, men must use lubricant both on the prostate massager, and in the rectum.  With external prostate massage there is no need to use lubricants, since the prostate massager is not inserted into the man’s body.

5) While an internal prostate massager must be used in the privacy of a home or doctor’s office, an external prostate massager can be used anywhere a man sits in a chair.  This includes home and work, since the external prostate massager can be wrapped under a towel for discrete use.

Prostate Massage Risks

Men with acute prostate infection should consult a physician before performing prostate massage, due to the risk of releasing bacteria into the body, which can cause infection or sepsis.

Men with prostate cancer should not perform prostate massage without consulting a doctor or oncologist, due to the risk of releasing prostatic cancer cells that can spread cancer to other parts of the body.


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