Erect on Demand Review

Erect on Demand Review

Erect on Demand

Erect on Demand is a simple-to-use natural erectile dysfunction treatment discovered by Josh Harding, a 56 year old man, who suffered from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation for years, that helps men over 40 reverse the embarrassing symptoms of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, to last longer in bed, by improving blood flow to the penis and increasing penis sensitivity.

Rather than using expensive pharmaceutical ED treatments, like Viagra that come unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects,  Erect on Demand claims you just need four herbal ingredients available at your grocery store for just a few dollars and has no known side effects.

Do you want to improve intimacy, regain confidence and boost your self esteem that comes with knowing you can get a rock hard erection on demand like you could when you were 20 years old, and know you can give your partner hours of pleasure she deserves?

This unique centuries-old Peruvian Natural erectile dysfunction treatment, which he calls, “boner brew,” was developed using a proven 3,000 year old recipe he discovered while on a trip to Peru, and is a proven system to take control of erectile dysfunction by promoting blood flow into the two thin chambers of your penis called the “Corpus Cavernosum,” and increasing penis sensitivity.

The Erect on Demand System now includes Peruvian Brew.  Many customers love the program and Josh’s “Boner Brew,” but didn’t want to purchase and mix the ingredients themselves.  Josh listened to their comments and created his “Peruvian Brew, ” which is an easy to use powder that contains the same plant extracts and an amino acid in Boner Brew, that you simply mix in a glass of water, which helps reverse your symptoms of erectile dysfunction one glass at a time.


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  • You can get the Original Erect On Demand System Here


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What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?


how to get an erection

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that affects as many as 30 million men per year, including 30 to 50 percent of men between the ages of 40 and 70.

This reversible condition can significantly affect a man’s self esteem and cause him to avoid situations that can lead to sexual intercourse.

An erection occurs when the three sponge-like chambers in the penis, called the corpus cavernosum, become engorged with blood.

Erectile dysfunction, is due to a lack of sufficient blood flow to the penis to create an a erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.

Erect On Demand is a simple-to-read guide to help men naturally reverse the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and enjoy sex and intimacy again.

Erectile dysfunction is generally the result of a condition that restricts blood flow, such as:


  • Age
  • Heart disease or Diabetes
  • Poor diet
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Side effect of prescription medication
  • Lack of sexual desire or interest


ED is not just about being unable to get or maintain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse, many men with erection problems are often able to get an erection, but lose it quickly or sometime go limp during sexual intercourse, due to lack of sensitivity in the penis.

Erect on Demand was developed based on a centuries old Peruvian herbal erectile dysfunction treatment to reduce the effects of Erectile Dysfunction by helping improve blood flow to the penis.

This condition can ruin your night of intimacy, impact your self confidence or worse, if she thinks your inability to perform is because you don’t love her anymore or you don’t find her attractive, can permanently damage your relationship.



With Erect on Demand, you can  restore your limp erection, and and give your partner mind blowing orgasms like you used to!


The head and shaft of the penis contain millions of highly sensitive nerve endings that respond to stimulation, which tells the brain you’re about to have sex.

This stimulation revs up your libido, which makes nerve ending highly sensitive to touch.  This touch tells your brain you are about to have sex, which sends blood to your penis to make it erect.

Unfortunately, how many times have you been having sex, yet lose your erection right in the middle, or it never gets fully erect and hard for penetration?

When your penis doesn’t fully respond to stimulation from the nerve endings in the head or shaft of your penis, your brain thinks you are done and your penis goes limp.

This can be a humiliating and embarrassing situation.  Even worse, if you begin to worry about your ability to perform, this can cause the release of stress hormones, primarily adrenaline and cortosol,  which block sexual stimulation signals, and you can develop chronic erectile dysfunction.

Erect On Demand can help men naturally increase penis sensitivity, which helps increase blood flow to the penisFind out more here.


  • You can get the Original Erect On Demand System Here


  • You can upgrade to Erect on Demand with Boner Brew Here


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3 Myths about Erectile Dysfunction You Need to Know


symptoms of erectile dysfunction

Myth 1: It’s All in Your Head.  Erectile Dysfunction in fact starts in your penis, but if you don’t address the root cause can lead to performance anxiety, and then your erectile dysfunction symptoms will be in your head!


Myth 2: A pill can cure erectile dysfunction.  A pill, like Viagra, alone can only be a temporary ED treatment, but will never permanently cure your erectile dysfunction symptoms.  As a matter of fact, Viagra also comes with unpleasant and even potentially dangerous side effects, including diabetes, heart disease, and loss of penile sensitivity, and and the millions of men who purchase cheap Viagra online may risk their lives.

Erect on Demand is the permanent natural ED treatment that will help you regain a hard erection naturally.


Myth 3: The third myth that men learn that is a cause of erectile dysfunction is low testosterone.  Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, and is important for normal sexual function, and even can decline with age leading to several male issues, but is generally not the root cause of erectile dysfunction, since testosterone supplements will not increase blood flow to your penis.


Find out in this important video how to reverse your of Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms for good!



How does Erect on Demand Work?


Erections on Demand


This natural erectile dysfunction treatment contains an e-book, that explains the causes of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation impact your sex life and your self esteem, the recipe for Boner Brew.

The Boner Brew recipe that comes with your purchase of Erect on Demand includes:

— 4 Herbs
— 1 amino acid
— 2 fruits “that serve as a kind of transport for the entire cocktail”

With just a few herbal ingredients found at the grocery store that are taken in the right order, you can target the effects of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, and avoid expensive pharmaceutical treatments that come with many unpleasant side effects, that could cause permanent damage to your romantic life.

Based on the popular Boner Brew recipe, and after countless requests from clients of Erect on Demand for an easier way to create the Peruvian ED treatment, the program now includes a 30-day supply of Peruvian Brew.  Just mix a small amount of the powder with a glass of water twice a day to help reverse your symptoms of erectile dysfunction.


This ED remedy has been proven to help men like you eliminate their humiliating erectile dysfunction symptoms and achieve the following results in less than 30 days:


  • Overcome erectile dysfunction symptoms permanently in less than 30 days, without the use of pills and their unpleasant and dangerous side effects, and regain safe healthy erections.
  • You can get and maintain a rock hard erection Naturally.  You and your partner can enjoy a healthy sex life, and keep your relationship alive without the fear you will lose your erection.
  • Increase sensitivity in the head and along the shaft of your penis by over 400%, to keep your erection hard and prolongs stamina, so you can give her the sexual pleasure she desires, and increases the intensity of your ejaculation.




Josh Harding discovered this hidden ancient 3,000 year old Peruvian erectile dysfunction treatment that allows men young and old to maintain a healthy sex life.  You can get the Erect on Demand System Here.

Erect On Demand is not a pill, but rather a system, that contains a downloadable manual that explains what erectile dysfunction is, and why penis sensitivity is so important for getting and maintaining a rock hard erection, and is the key to having hours of hot sex.



What You Get with the Erect on Demand Program


erect on demand system

  • The Erect on Demand original “boner brew” cocktail recipe.  You can mix this up with a few ingredients you buy at your local grocery store for just a few dollars,  that will help you reverse your symptoms of erectile dysfunction, so you can last longer in bed to give your woman hours of sexual pleasure.
  • One Month Supply of Boner Brew Supplement.  Just add a teaspoon to a glass of water, mix and drink.
  • 3 Little known female pleasure centers, that when stimulated can give her hours of intense sexual pleasure and unlock her deepest sexual pleasures, that will keep her begging for more. The Erect on Demand claims that you will have your best sex ever by using this technique.
  • 5 tips for getting more oral: The Erect on Demand program also give you a guide to get more oral sex from their sexual partner and have a better relationship. It affirms that once you know how to unlock the sensual side of your lover, you will change your sexual life forever.
  • Plus you get 5 Free Bonuses



  • You can get the Original Erect On Demand System Here


  • You can upgrade to Erect on Demand with Boner Brew Here


Peruvian Brew


Reasons to Use Erect on Demand include…..


This effective natural erectile dysfunction treatment is designed especially for men over age 40, who are finding it can become difficult to get or maintain an hard and stiff erection long enough to fully satisfy their partner.


√ Now men of all ages of all ages are discovering the benefits of this natural erectile dysfunction treatment, from guys in their 20’s to men in their golden years, who are suffering with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction or a weak erection.


√ If left untreated, ED can also damage or destroy the relationship between a man and his partner, and can cause a man to avoid a situation that can lead to sexual intercourse, which can cause a women to fear the lack of intimacy is her fault….or she is no longer attractive to her husband.


√ You probably already know that the symptoms of erectile dysfunction can be a frustrating and humiliating problem for men affecting self confidence and feelings self worth.




What is Boner Brew?

Erect on Demand herbal erectile dysfunction treatment


When you order Erect on Demand, you’ll still get a list of the 4 specific herbs, amino acid and two specific fruits for Josh Harding’s “Boner Brew,” that he discovered in Peru to be the hidden ancient natural erectile dysfunction treatment, that allowed men young and old to maintain a healthy sex life.  You can make the ‘Boner Brew in your own kitchen for less than $10.




If you don’t like to make recipes, or you don’t have access to the Boner Brew ingredients, no problem.  Just a glass of water and a spoonful of Josh’s “Boner Brew erectile dysfunction powder, and you’re ready to rock her world.


Peruvian Brew


The Peruvian Brew  works to relax the blood vessels in your penis, which increases blood flow, boosts nitric oxide and intensifies sensitivity in the head and shaft of your penis, so that you get harder faster; and keeps your erection hard so you can last longer in bed.






What’s in it?



Peruvian Brew contains a number of natural herbal ingredients to treat your erectile dysfunction symptoms and increase sensitivity to give you a rock hard erection.

Peruvian Brew contains the following herbal ingredients:


  • Gingko biloba (60mg) – enhances the effects of nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels to increase blood flow.
  • Dong quai (540mg) – antioxidant, which is known to improve sperm quality.
  • Epimedium (500mg) – Also known as Horny Goat Weed, is an herb in Chinese medicine for centuries, that is used for low libido, erectile dysfunction treatment, reverses fatigue,  chronic pain, and other conditions.
  • Korean ginseng (300mg) – This herb enhances sex drive.
  • Maca root (500mg) – potent aphrodisiac used for centuries to boost sexual performance in men.
  • Yohimbe (20mg) – boosts energy, improves blood flow
  • L-Arginine (1000mg) – An amino acid that has many health benefits.  It is known to improve blood flow in the arteries of the heart; converted in the body into nitric oxide, this chemical is required for a male to have an erection.
  • Black pepper (50mg) – helps the body absorb other ingredients.
  • Pineapple concentrate (500mg) – improves the taste of the male ejaculate.


The ingredients are not some expensive voodoo concoction you need to get from an herbalist, but rather are available at your local grocery store or health food store, and only costs about $10, as compared to $50-$70 for other natural erectile dysfunction treatments, or hundreds of dollars for Viagra or Cialis.


Most men who have used Erect on Demand to reverse erectile dysfunction symptoms, have notice a significant improvement in their erections within two weeks.  Your results may be different.



  • You can get the Original Erect On Demand System Here


  • You can upgrade to Erect on Demand with Boner Brew Here



Erect on Demand boner brew



Pros Of  Erect On Demand:


  • Erect on Demand is a safe and natural way to reverse your symptoms of erectile dysfunction, made only with natural herbal ingredients available at your local grocery store, and is not made in a laboratory.
  • Erect On Demand is based on a 3,000 year old proven system to reverse your symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
  • Some men report seeing benefits within 48 hours, and most see noticeable results within 2 weeks.
  • You will regain your self confidence and self esteem.
  • There  are no known side effects
  • Erect on Demand comes with 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Costs less than a cup of coffee to make.




Cons Of Erect On Demand:


  • Erect On Demand with Boner Brew  available here exclusively is not sold in stores, and  will be downloaded to your computer as soon as your credit card is accepted.  The Boner Brew will be sent to the address you enter in your purchase.
  • This is an alternative erectile dysfunction treatment program and is not an immediate remedy for erectile dysfunction.  It does require some effort on your part, including minor diet and exercise modifications, to achieve desired results.
  • If you are under care of a physician for other conditions, you should consult your doctor to make sure there is no interaction between ingredients and amino acids with your medication.





What are Real Erect on Demand Customers Saying…


My Confidence Is Back!

“I have had increased erections daily and felt overall much better. Younger and more alive than in the past few years and not frustrated.” – Pat Fogerty


This Baby Boomer Feels Like A Teenager Again!

“EOD has re-invigorated my love life. I thought my days of having sex multiple times a night were over but this brew has made it possible. I feel 20 again.” – Nate Wattier



My Lover Is Smiling Again!

 “How has Erect On Demand improved my life? It has allowed me function like i was 15 yrs younger. It has gotten me past awkward moments when everything was going good and suddenly i have a flat. My lover is very understanding and helpful and I am so lucky she’s with me. She deserves a better deal and now she has one. She’s smiling a lot more now… even when she sleeps!” – Howard Rowe


This Actually Works!

“At first I was skeptical but after going through everything it seemed to be working and before you know it, I was waking up with an erection everyday. I couldn’t believe it, but it works.” – Rosha Russell


Real Reviews of Erect on Demand

Consumer Health Digest



Get These 5 Free Bonuses for Free with your Purchase of Erect on Demand:


EOD Bonuses


How to Order Erect on Demand 

You can order Erect on Demand System, here:



  • You can get the Original Erect On Demand System Here


  • You can upgrade to Erect on Demand with Boner Brew Here



Peruvian Brew


60 Day Money Back Guarantee


You have a full 60 days to Try Erect on Demand to make sure it is the best natural erectile dysfunction treatment to reverse your symptoms of erectile dysfunction, or you get your money back!  You have zero risk, so give Erect on Demand a try.  What do you have to lose?










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