Vitamin E Benefits for Men

Vitamin E Benefits for Men

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Vitamin E  is a powerful antioxidant vitamin that has several health benefits for men over 40, including preventing heart disease, fighting cancer and preventing cataracts.


Benefits of Vitamin E

There are definite health benefits of including Vitamin E in your diet, due to its antioxidant properties.  Health benefits of Vitamin E include:

  • Protects against skin disease, including psoriasis, eczema, and acne.
  • Prevents prostate health issues.
  • Has been shown to prevent or slow the growth of some cancers.
  • Prevents cataracts.
  • Supports circulation.


 Best Way to Get Vitamin E

The best way to get your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Vitamin E is through a healthy diet, such as nuts, green leafy vegetables – particularly cooked spinach, broccoli, flax seed oil, sunflower seeds, fruits, vegetable oil, fish roe or caviar, cod, tuna and mollusks.

For men over 40, getting the recommended amount of vitamin E should be a part of a prostate healthy diet, as this antioxidant vitamin prevents free radicals from forming, which reduces the chances of developing prostate cancer and promoting overall prostate health.  An alternative to get your RDA of Vitamin E is from a multivitamin rather than a Vitamin E supplement.  Multivitamins or prostate supplements that contain Vitamin E tend to have a lower IU or international unit of Vitamin E, generally 16IU to 40IU, which is a safer quantity to get your recommended Vitamin E and generally prevents the risks of taking too much Vitamin E as found in Vitamin E pills that larger dosages, such as 400IU or greater.


Risk of Vitamin E and Prostate Cancer

In a recent medical study on Vitamin E and cancer, which appears in the Oct. 12 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Associationresearchers found a link between high dosage of Vitamin E supplements and a possible increased risk of prostate cancer in men.  The study involved more than 35,000 healthy men aged 50 and older, from the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.  The study focused on Vitamin E supplements of 400 IU or greater, and research subjects who took the Vitamin E supplements for approximately 5 years or longer.  The study found that men who took a Vitamin E tablet of 400 IU or greater on a daily basis for 5 years were 17% more likely to develop prostate cancer than the test subjects who took a placebo, which is a sugar tablet that did not contain any Vitamin E.

While there are definite health benefits of taking a daily Vitamin E supplement, there are also risks associated with taking too high a dosage of Vitamin E over an extended period of time, usually 5 years or longer.  High dosage of Vitamin E has been linked to prostate problems. High Doses In addition to Vitamin E, other vitamins that cause potential health risks in high dosage are Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Selenium, Beta Carotene and Vitamin B12.  Consult your doctor before staring any type of vitamin regimen, or high dosage of a vitamin.

The study group was broken down as follows:

200 micrograms of selenium alone daily

400 IU of vitamin E

Daily supplementation with both vitamins

No supplementation (placebo group)


Vitamin E fpr Prostate Health

For men who take Vitamin E for prostate health, it is recommended to take a prostate health supplement that contains Vitamin E rather than a Vitamin Supplement by its self, to prevent the risk of developing prostate cancer which is why men take Vitamin E in the first place.  Prostate Health Supplements that contain a safe dosage of Vitamin E (less than 40IU) are Prost-RX, Prosta Response and Prostavar.  My father took Prostavar for several years and said it lowered his PSA levels better than Flomax and Avodart, and since it natural there were no side effects.

Before beginning any regimen of Vitamin E, a supplement containing Vitamin E or a natural prostate supplement see your doctor.  Your doctor can tell you the proper dosage of Vitamin E you should take on daily basis based on your age and any health issues you may have.





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