ED Elixir Erectile Dysfunction Remedy: Does It Work or Just Hype?

Does ED Elixir erectile dysfunction remedy WorkThe ED Elixir Erectile Dysfunction Remedy is an herbal treatment for ED, which also is developed to improve overall health and wellness.  While no herbal supplements for erectile dysfunction have been approved by the FDA, how do they work to reverse the symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

This amazing natural erectile dysfunction remedy created by Michael Manning, is a drink you make in your own kitchen, that boosts libido and kicks your sexual performance into overdrive.

FDA approved ED treatments are prescription ED drugs, such as Viagra and Cialis, which require a prescription for purchase.  They often come with potentially dangerous side effects, and can be expensive to purchase.  Viagra can cost as much as $90 for 5 tablets.  That’s an expensive erection!

Now that we’ve cleared the air, it’s time to take a closer look at natural herbal erectile dysfunction treatments, along with the pros and cons for each of the ingredients.


What is Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that prevents men from achieving or maintaining an erection suitable for erectile dysfunction.  It results in weak blood flow to the penis, low libido, and lack of sexual desire.  ED begins to affect men around the age of 35-40.  The good news is Erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to be a permanent condition, and you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars


ED Elixir Erectile Dysfunction Remedy

The ED Elixir Erectile Dysfunction Remedy are not new.  In fact, research shows these ingredients have been used for hundreds or thousands of years to reverse the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men in ancient China and India.  I suspect ED Elixir ingredients are not FDA approved because the drug companies can’t charge hundreds of dollars per dosage for drugs that contain them.


Panax Ginseng

As a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction, panax ginseng, or ginseng, is often quite effective to address the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. This herbal supplement is a helpful one for those who suffer from low energy, and it often offers cognitive benefits.

Panax Ginseng has been shown to have the following benefits:

• Fights fatigue

• Improves stamina

• Works well for some people

• Natural antioxidant properties

• Anti inflammatory

• Improves vasodilation (the relaxing of blood vessels)


ED Elixir Erectile dysfunction remedy



Since many men with erectile dysfunction have low DHEA levels, it can sometimes be helpful to supplement with DHEA as a way to replenish the body’s supply.  Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) has been shown to increases libido in men.

DHEA is a hormone produced in the human body, and in low levels may help men achieve and maintain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse.  DHEA helps the body produce testosterone.

Luckily, in addition to taking  a DHEA supplement, there’s a natural way to increase levels of DHEA: Exercise regularly.

Your body will increase its own DHEA production naturally, minus the side effects. Exercise is an excellent addition to any natural ED treatment protocol.


Causes of Erectile Dysfunction include

You may be wondering what causes erectile dysfunction in men.  Here are the leading causes of ED im men.

  • Age
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Poor Diet
  • Obesity
  • Low testosterone
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Insomnia
  • Excess alcohol consumption,
  • Smoking
  • Elicit drug use
  • Side effect of medication
  • etc.


Does ED Elixir Work?

If you’ve seen reviews mentioning ED Elixir, then you might be very curious about whether this erectile dysfunction remedy works. The short answer is yes.  So far, more than 16,000 men have regained the ability to achieve and sustain erections using ED Elixir.

Michael Manning created ED Elixir based on his own issues with erectile dysfunction.  This erectile dysfunction remedy helped Michael Manning to overcome his symptoms of erectile dysfunction and regain his sexual performance.  Using the recipe, you can find the ingredients for the elixir at your local grocery store for about $10.

ED Elixir is an erectile dysfunction remedy developed to address the root cause of erectile dysfunction.  The goal of this program is not just to reverse your symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Michael Manning will give you valuable tips in this erectile dysfunction remedy program  to improve your overall health and wellness.  This is important as many health issues have been found in studies can cause ED or contribute to your erection problems.


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Pros of Using ED Elixir

•Very inexpensive

•Addresses psychological causes of ED as well as physical factors


•Takes 30 seconds a day to use

•No harmful side effects

•Offers beneficial side effects including more energy and better focus Cons

•Doesn’t work for everyone who tries it. (Note, this is the same as all other natural treatments for ED; this one comes with a money-back guarantee in case it doesn’t work for you).

When attempting to remedy erectile dysfunction naturally, you can take a multi-pronged approach to come up with a plan that works well for your own unique situation, as well as, for your lifestyle. Always check to see if supplements are compatible with one another and remember to look for any potential side effects.






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