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The ED Bible is a male enhancement guide from John Collins, the creator of the wildly popular PE Bible,  that gives men effective tips and techniques to finally overcome your symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction for good.


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The ED Bible (Erectile Dysfunction) focuses on boosting Active Sexual Testosterone (AST), also known as free testosterone.  This is the bio-available form of testosterone, that super charges your libido,  helps men get full hard erections on demand, and finally get rid of ED in men for good.  You’ll finally be able to give your partner the sexual desire she wants from you.

After the age of 35, the amount of free testosterone in men begins to decline nearly 1% per year.  By age 50, men can lose nearly 50% of their active testosterone.  That may be why so many middle age men have:

  • less energy
  • poor focus and concentration
  • are more irritable
  • more fat around their mid section
  • poor diet
  • have symptoms of erectile dysfunction
  • and less sex!
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10 Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis
  • Alcohol use
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Side effect of prescription medication
  • Performance anxiety
  • Obesity
  • Prostate surgery



Here Are the 5 Factors that Determine Active Sexual Testosterone Production:

One of the key events a male needs to get and maintain an erection is to have enough active testosterone in your body.  Testosterone is the key male sex hormone that men need to boost sexual desire, produce sperm, and get and maintain and erection.
The five factors below are critical to help men boost the production of testosterone, so you can be ready to go on demand when your partner wants you inside of her.

1 – Fuel: This means a diet of clean, healthy, food that comes from nature. Chemically altered and processed foods may be more convenient, but all the unnatural ingredients hinder our production of Active Sexual Testosterone.

2 – Exercise: Cardio exercise to improve blood flow and circulation, and resistance to thicken your blood and get a good “pump”.   I’m sure you realize that an erection is just blood rushing to your penis all at once. So unless you are actively thickening the plasma in your blood, how can you expect to have an extra thick erection when the time comes to use it?

3 – Rest: In order to get 8 hours of sleep at night, your body needs to stay active almost all day. Unfortunately, most people are too sedentary or resting their bodies far too much during the day, and not even realizing it. This is a far bigger problem than you might realize at the moment.

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4 – Alcohol/Drugs: Drinking excessively, smoking, or using drugs can slow down or completely stop AST production. Yes – past generations had access to these things too, but they weren’t thrown in our faces the way they are today.

5 – Stress and Anxiety: We all deal with stress and anxiety on a daily basis, and that’s okay because our bodies were designed to be able a few hours of stress at a time. However, in today’s society, we not only deal with the major stressors, but we also have dozens of smaller areas of stress hurled at us in ways nature was never ready for.  Chronic stress produces stress hormones, which block signals of sexual desire, and this can lead to low testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction.

The ED Bible helps help gives you the tools to boost active testosterone in men.


Are Your ED Symptoms Due to What You Eat?

overweight man

The modern American diet is loaded with trans-fats, sodium, sugar, and cholesterol.  This poor diet, coupled with lack of regular exercise and stress related to work and home-life issues can lead to issues that can cause erectile dysfunction in men over 40.

Diet and exercise issues can lead to heart disease, hypertension, elevated cholesterol.  These health issues can impact blood flow to the penis, which is a main cause of erectile dysfunction in men.  Sufficient blood flow is required for a male to achieve and maintain an erection.  Poor blood flow can put a strain on your circulation system and reduce blood pressure.

This can cause you to lose your erection.

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The Erectile Dysfunction Bible is just one payment of $9.95!  This is far less than the $360 for a prescription for Viagra, $60 for a natural ED treatment or potentially thousands of dollars for ED surgery.


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  • Boost testosterone production.
  • Discover strategies and secrets to attack your erection problem naturally from every possible direction.
  • Learn 2 simple “mind hacks” that will help you achieve the biggest, fullest, and longest lasting erections.
  • Avoid the 7 erection killers.



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