5 Causes of Reduced Workplace Productivity

5 Causes of Reduced Workplace Productivity

Identifying the five common reasons why efficiency suffers in the workplace

Low productivity in the workplace can severely reduce workplace morale, employee satisfaction, and the company’s bottom line. When a company is productive all cogs in the machine work simultaneously to achieve a common goal. However, when issues arise that reduce work productivity—such as disorganization, stress, discomfort, conflict among employees, disengagement—workplace productivity suffers when employee and customer relationships are damaged due to an inefficient environment.

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Here are the Five most Common Causes of Reduced Workplace Productivity:

1. Lack of ergonomic design

Ergonomic design in the workplace is a vital because it is a proactive approach to protecting your employees from discomfort and injury. Not only do ergonomic designs—installing natural rather than fluorescent lighting to prevent eye strain, installing ergonomic desks to prevent back and neck strain, and even employers who opt to buy an ergonomic chair for an employee to support and save the lower back from repetitive stress injury—do their part to greatly reduce the amount of workplace injuries that occur each year due to unsafe or uncomfortable working conditions. In environments where employees sit and type for long periods of the day, workers are prone to repetitive stress disorders like Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, a condition which causes inflammation in the wrists. However, ergonomics can be applied to the workplace to make work environments safe and comfortable for everyone working there.

2. Poor organizational management

Low productivity in the workplace often results from general disorganization in any one department. When disorganization occurs, productivity suffers and tasks fail to get completed, time is wasted, communication between employees suffers, and the lines of customer service are broken.

3. Workplace conflict

When employees feel underappreciated or feel stress due to an unstable work environment, conflict naturally beings to arise among employees and management. This is why it’s vital to have a professional Human Resources department or personnel on staff to manage and help solve interpersonal problems among the staff.

4. Lagging staff

You have to remember that when certain employees start to lag on their responsibilities, others suffer when they feel it’s necessary to pick up the slack by taking on excess duties outside of their normal job. As a result interpersonal work relationships can deteriorate, as well as relationships with customers if promises are not kept or goods are not produced as needed.

5. Workplace Stress

Stress is probably the primary source of low workplace productivity. Stress can cause havoc on the body and mind, and if an entire team or department is riddled in stress, it can lead to more severe issues—such as widespread physical illness, mental illness, and as a result medical costs and long periods of time off from work.

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