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Aneros Prostate Massager Comparison – Which Prostate Massager is Best For You?


The Aneros Prostate Massagers provides men and couples with incredible sexual pleasure, through the patented, anatomical design of their full line of prostate massagers, which can gives men mind blowing prostate orgasms and body-tingling pleasure through targeted prostate stimulation.

In addition to being an amazing male sex toy, the Aneros prostate massager is also a popular natural enlarged prostate treatment recommended by doctors to help men alleviate the pain and discomfort of BPH.

If you haven’t already discovered, Aneros, which is owned by High Island Health,  is one of the leading manufacturers of the prostate massager and male sex toys that target the male G-spot, also known as the P-spot.





Aneros Prostate Massager Comparison Chart


Aneros Comparison Chart



This chart gives you a side-by-side comparison of the full line of prostate massagers from Aneros, including the MGX prosate massager for beginners, the Classic, and Helix and Maximus, which are popular prostate massagers for men who have some experience with prostate massage, or the Euphro and Progasm, which are most popular prostate massagers for men experienced with prostate massage, and are seeking the often elusive prostate orgasm.

Most men who are new to prostate massage start with the MGX.  You can read here why this is the best prostate massager for beginners, then step up to the Classic or Helix, which takes the pleasure of prostate massage to the next level, due to the slightly larger size.

Prostate massage was the most recommended natural drug-free BPH treatment from the 1800’s until the early 1960’s, with the introduction of prostate medication.  Prostate massage regained it’s throne as the most recommended natural enlarged prostate treatment, due to the ineffectiveness of drug treatments and unpleasant side effects.  Around the same time, prostate stimulation started gaining popularity as a male sex toy, since prostate massage was found to give men a highly pleasurable sensation, called a prostate orgasm.


Let’s Take a Closer Look at Each Aneros Massager model.

Prostate Massager for Beginners


A). Aneros  MGX / SGX 


Aneros MGX


The Aneros MGX and SGX are the entry level prostate massagers from Aneros for those new to prostate stimulation, and those interested in prostate massage as the best natural BPH treatment to eliminate the pain and discomfort of an enlarged prostate.

The SGX was originally designed for the Asian market, as these men preferred a slightly narrower head.

With it’s slim head and thin design, your body will easily accept the Aneros MGX or SGX, as your sphincter muscle will easily and gently guides it right to your prostate gland, for a perfect therapeutic prostate massage.


Key Points of the Aneros MGX or SGX  include:


  • Medically researched and designed for use a medical device or male sex toy.
  • It is made from FDA approved medical grade materials.
  •  The Aneros MGX or SGX is the recommended prostate massager for men dealing with the annoying and painful symptoms of enlarged prostate, as well as, those who are new to prostate massage therapy.
  • The curved shape of the head allows for a hands-free massage of your prostate gland.  Once inserted, your sphincter muscle guides it to just the right spot, to give you a therapeutic massage to increase blood flow and flush away the build up of prostatic fluid and toxins, that contribute to a swollen and painful prostate.
  • As your sphincter muscle contracts, this forces the head of the prostate massager to hit your prostate gland in just the right spot, to give it a therapeutic massage.
  • As your muscle relaxes, the massage stands straight, and then again hits your prostate as your sphincter muscle contracts again.


“Our most popular device, the Aneros MGX is anatomically designed to engage the prostate (Male G-spot) as well as the perineum at the same time.”


The curved handle is designed to simultaneously give men a pleasurable perineum massage, to the soft, smooth and highly sensitive area between the scrotum and rectum, while the MGX gives you a soothing and therapeutic prostate massage.

The Aneros SGX was the counterpart to the Aneros MGX Classis sold in the Asian market.  The SGX has a lslightly shorter length of 3.5 inches, versus the MGX at 4 inches long.


Where You Can Buy?


Special Aneros Starter Kit for Beginners



The Aneros Starter Kit is the perfect choice for every beginner to prostate massage.  The Starter Kit includes the following:


  •  Aneros MGX prostate massager
  • 4 -10 ml ID Glide water based lubricant samples.



Where to Buy the Aneros Starter Kit?

You can buy the Aneros Starter Kit Exclusively here.




Aneros Prostate Stimulators for Intermediate Users


Aneros Helix


Aneros Helix Prostate Massager     Aneros Helix Syn



The Aneros Helix and Helix Syn is the perfect companion for men who have some experience with prostate massage, but are not quite ready to move up to the advanced Aneros prostate massagers, such as the Maximus, Euphro and Progasm.

The Helix Syn is a improvement on the Classic Helix design, by adding a Velvet Touch Silicone layer for Extreme Comfort and pleasure.

If you’re really adventurous, try the Special Edition Helix Black!


Key Points of the Aneros Helix Prostate Massager are:


  • The Aneros Helix Classic has a slightly larger head than the MGX at 1 -1/16″ as compared to the 3/4″ wide head for the MGX.
  • It has a slighly narrower mid width of 15/16″ inch vs one inch width for the MGX.   The larger bulbous shaped head of the Helix is designed to give men a more thorough and robust prostate massage experience.
  • The round perineum tip (P-Tip) provides a tingling sensation to the perineum, which is the soft and highly sensitive area between your scrotum and rectum.
  • Massaging this area often helps men achieve a stiffer erection and intensifies your orgasm.
  • The Aneros Helix should only be used by men with enlarged prostate, prostate infection or prostate cancer who have experience with prostate massage, as this may cause pain or injury to the area.
  • Consult your doctor before using a prostate massager larger than the MGX, if you have enlarged prostate, prostate infection or prostate cancer.


“The Helix provides immediate pressure and tension on the prostate and surrounding area.  Designed for men with some prostate massage experience, requires less patience and practice to realize benefits.”


Where You Can Buy the Aneros Helix



Aneros Maximus


 Aneros Maximus






 The design of the Aneros Maximus started with the MGX, and made it well, more intense, thus giving this larger prostate massager the name Maximus.  Men who have used the Maximus report greater pressure and intensity from their prostate all the way to their rectum.


This popular prostate stimulator from Aneros is definitely not for beginners.

  • Has a larger bulbous head and thicker mid section than other prostate massagers.
  • Has a narrower a tip width: 1 1/16 “
  • Has a thicker Mid-Ridge Width: 1 -1/8 “
  •  This advanced prostate massager can take a bit more work, but is well worth the effort.



The Aneros Maximus has a larger P-Tip to give men a more intense and pleasurable P-spot massage of the perineum, to deliver a more intense, fuller and pleasurable prostate massage experience.

Men who have moved up from the beginner prostate massagers to the Maximus frequently report achieving strong, continuous full-body orgasms, referred to as a prostate orgasm.  This type of orgasm, due to the release of prostatic fluid is often unattainable during normal sexual activity.

The Maximus prostate massager is not recommended for men with enlarged prostate, prostate infection or prostate cancer, as this may cause pain or injury to the area.


Where You Can Buy the Aneros Maximus



Aneros Prostate  Stimulators for Advanced users of Prostate Massage


Aneros Eupho and Eupho Syn


Aneros Eupho Prosate Massager       Aneros Eupho Syn Prostate Massager


The Aneros Eupho and Eupho Syn has a decidedly longer and thinner design as compared to any other model, you might think this prostate massager is for beginners, but you would be mistaken.  This advanced Aneros prostate stimulator is definitely for men with experience in prostate massage.

The Eupho Syn is a improvement on the Classic thin Eupho design, by adding a Velvet Touch Silicone layer for Extreme Comfort and pleasure.

Some men have said the soft velvety cover on the Aneros prostate massager actually improves performance, since the sphincter muscle can grab it better for perfect placement to get an earth shattering prostate orgasm.


Key Points of the Aneros Euphora are:


  • The Eupho has a narrow tip width at 3/4″ Diameter
  • Thin mid-ridge width of 15/16″ diameter
  • The Aneros Eupho is designed for men with advanced sphincter muscle control to direct the Eupho to the exact spot for the most pleasurable P-spot massage, or “that spot” which sends shivers up and down your spine, to give you a prostate orgasm.
  • The Aneros Eupho helps men develop stronger sphincter muscle control,  which improved sexual performance, as stronger muscle control keeps blood in the penis that gives you a stiffer, longer and harder erection, to help you last longer in bed.


Where You Can Buy the Aneros Euphora



Aneros Progasm Classic



Aneros Progasm



The Aneros Progasm is the largest prostate masager offered by Aneros, and the specs speak for themselves.


  • The Tip width of the Progasm is 1.25 inches compared to 1″ with other prostate massagers.
  • Has a massive Mid-Ridge Width of 1.30 inches to “fill you up.”
  • Has a wider a Stem to Perineum Distance of 1.52 inches than other massagers.
  • In addition to the larger specs, the insertable length is 4.5 imches, compared to 4 inches with the other models, meaning you get a deeper, thicker and fuller prostate massage experience.


“Many men report getting multiple mind blowing prostate orgasms with the Aneros Progasm, and producing buckets of cum and prostatic fluid for an earth shattering prostate massage experience.”


Where You Can Buy the Aneros Progasm


You can read my full Aneros Progasm Review Here



New Kundalini K-Tab for added pleasure.


While the other Aneros massagers have a perineum tab, the Progasm  and Progasm Jr. features a newly designed round perineum tab, and also has a Kundalini “K-Tab.”

Kundalini K-Tab


Kundalini comes from Indian chakra meditation, which is at the tailbone, and is believed to be the spot where life-force energy comes from.  the The “K-Tab” adds pleasurable sensations up and down your back and spine,  that are complementary to the sensations from prostate massage.

“Due to it’s larger size, this massager is reserved for those who have advanced experience with prostate massage.”
The Aneros Progasm is not recommended for men with enlarged prostate, prostate infection or prostate cancer, as this may cause pain or injury to the area.

What’s Your Color?   The Aneros Progasm Comes in a Rainbow of Colors –


 Aneros Progasm

Aneros Progasm Ivory


Aneros Progasm Black


Aneros Prgasm Black



Aneros Progasm Rad

Aneros Progasm Red



Aneros Progasm Ice

Aneros Progasm Ice



Aneros Progasm Jr.




The Aneros Progasm Jr. took the best features of the full size Progasm to create a slightly smaller prostate massager with the following benefits:


  • the large 1.25 inch head
  • the wider mid-ridge
  • Perineum and K-Tab


And put them into a slightly smaller package, so that even those who are not advanced massagers, can enjoy a robust prostate massage, and even get the “Big-O.”

The insertable portion of the Progasm Jr. is 3.6 inches, vs 4 inches in the other Aneros Massagers, so that men who have experience, but may not be as advanced can use it on a regular bases.


“Whether you are new to prostate health or an experienced user of the Progasm Classic, Jr. will help you achieve a Super-O.”




Although it is more compact than the other prostate massagers from Aneros, don’t be fooled by it’s small package.  Due to the larger bulbous head, Progasm Jr.  is not for beginners, but rather for men who have experience with prostate massage.


Why Trust Aneros?

  • Aneros has been the leader in prostate massage since 1996.
  • Made from 100% FDA approved materials
  • Designed for both sexual pleasure and medical health needs.
  • Provides hands-free prostate massage, since the shape is designed for the sphincter muscle to gently glide the masager right to the prostate gland, and muscle contraction and release it what provides pleasurable and therapeutic prostate milking.
  • All Aneros Prostate massagers are made in the US from FDA approved medical grade materials.
  • All Aneros massagers, including the Syn models are 100% Phthalate-free for your safety and satisfaction







Ken Weiss is a health blogger who is passionate about natural and holistic cures for men’s health issues. He is the founder of

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Ken Weiss is a health blogger who is passionate about natural and holistic cures for men's health issues. He is the founder of