Alpha Xtra Boost Natural Male Enhancement Review

Alpha Xtra Boost is a natural male enhancement created by Richard Johnson.  He is a medical researcher who is passionate about natural remedies for erectile dysfunction, as well as, natural health and well-being for men.

Mr. Johnson’s research uncovered that as men age their bodies can go through biological changes, which over time, can damage the male libido, negatively affect sexual performance, and lead to erectile dysfunction.

Most notably,  Richard Johnson discovered 5 strategies that can effectively help men support healthy erections at any age.

Once men reach age 35, they can begin to lose 1% of their testosterone per year.  By age 50, millions of men have lost nearly 50% of their free testosterone.   This can impact their sexual performance , as well as, their health and well-being.  Around this time, millions of men begin to experience erectile dysfunction symptoms and even enlarged prostate.


What is Alpha Xtra Boost

Alpha Xtra Boost is a natural herbal male enhancement developed by Richard Johnson, that helps men over 50 regain sexual performance.  He created this natural male enhancement pill to help men over 35 reverse symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and to improve natural health and well-being.

Richard Johnson worked with a US-based supplement manufacturer, using his formula of 100% herbal ingredients, to manufacture Alpha Xtra Boost male enhancement pills.

This product is manufactured in an FDA regulated facility for your safety and satisfaction.


Through his extensive research, Richard Johnson defines these Five Key Strategies man can use to have healthy erections after age 40.

5 Strategies for Healthy Erections

  • Watch what you eat. 

After age 35, men can begin to lose 1% of their testosterone per year.  Certain foods naturally increase the production of testosterone, while others decrease testosterone, and actually increase the production of estrogen.  What men eat can actually help you boost your erection.

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Eat a healthy diet, which can increase testosterone, boost your libido and is an effective way improve your sexual performance naturally.


  • Don’t Be in a Rush for a Quickie

While there can be a time and a place for a quickie, good sex takes time.  For males, revving your libido should be slow at the beginning and increase with time, as your heart rate increases and blood flow increases, making your penis harder, stiffer, longer and thicker.

When males become accustomed to quickies, this can eventually lead to premature ejaculation.  This is a condition in which the male climaxes and reaches orgasm before his partner is ready.  Over time this can result in erectile dysfunction.

For women, they often need foreplay and enjoyment with their partner as their sexual desire slowly increases, during sex.


Don’t replace sex with Pornography

While watching pornography can be fun, don’t allow it to replace healthy human interaction between partners.  Watching porn and masturbating can affect a man’s ability to get a normal erection suitable for sexual intercourse.

Also, masturbation can cause a man to reach ejaculation quicker than through sex.

If you are over 50 and have sexual performance issues, you can follow Richard Johnson ‘s plan here to boost your libido and sex drive.


What’s In Alpha Xtra Boost

Let’s Take a Closer Look Inside


  • Fenugreek: 

Fenugreek seeds have been used for thousands of years since ancient Chinese medicine, to lower blood sugar levels, reverse symptoms of diabetes, reduce inflammation and may reduce high LDL Cholesterol.  It contains powerful compounds called furostanolic saponins, which are believed to increase testosterone production in men.

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  • Dong Quai

Dong Quai is a Chinese herb is popular in addressing female health issues. It’s now gaining popularity for men as it may help boost male fertility and improve sperm quality.


  • Damiana leaf

Damiana leaf is an aphrodisiac, and is used frequently in natural testosterone boosters.  In studies, Damiana leaf was shown to be effective in improving male sexual function.


How to Buy Alpha Extra Boost Male Enhancement


how to order Alpha Xtra Boost male enhancement pills

Every order of Alpha Extra Boost Male Enhancement pills comes with free shipping.  The six bottle order is the most economical.  You can try one bottle for $69.  If you like the benefits, you can purchase 3 or 6 bottles for a significant per bottle discount.


No Subscriptions

Many male enhancement pills orders rope you into  a subscription plan, that is nearly impossible to get out of.   There are no subscriptions with Alpha Xtra Boost Male Enhancement.  Whether you purchase one bottle, three bottles or the most economical 6 bottle order, every order is a one-time order.

That means you have to purchase a new bottle when you are finished.





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