5 Easy Skin Care Tips for Men

5 Easy Skin Care Tips for Men

Guys, do you think only women need to take care of their skin and do you think that looking good is only for women? Think again! Keeping your face supple and looking good is not going to burn a hole in your pocket nor is it going to make you load a bunch of creams into your bathroom cabinet.

The 5 Easy Skincare Tips for Men we have highlighted in this blog post are simple and easy to follow. Only stipulation is that you need to stick to and practice the regime religiously (yeah even you skeptics).  If the best you are doing to take care of your face is wash it with a bar of soap or shower  gel, you aren’t really doing the most you can. You should realize that there are a lot of simple things that men can follow to make themselves more appealing to the ladies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

#1 Face Cleansing for Men

A bar soap is not going to be much help with keeping your face clean and healthy. A scrub ideally gets rid of dirt and grime, and is a better option. You can use a normal apricot scrub that you can find in the cosmetics sections in your mall or buy from your local drug store. Keeping your facial skin scrubbed clean will prevent pesky black and white heads and help keep all the harmful acne and pimple causing bacteria at bay especially if you are a teenager or in your early 20s.


#2 The art of shaving

Always buy good quality razors that do not cause harm to your skin. Ideally avoid cheap razors at all costs, and make sure your blade isn’t blunt – blunt blades are harmful for your skin. There is no “one size fits all” razor in the market, the one that works well for your friend might not work for you. Choosing the right razor help you prevent cuts, razor burns, ingrown hair that could cause problems like zits and in grow hairs.

Like how a good meal is not over with a glass or two of water, a shave is not good without a shaving lotion. Lotion helps hydrate the skin, acts as an antiseptic for those unavoidable cuts and also soothes the skin. Your skin really doesn’t have to feel like sand-paper when your face touches a soft and tender face of a woman.


#3 Sunscreen for Men is your friend

Protect your skin from sun damage and burns. Using sunscreen can make you look young and can also keep you guarded from life threatening problems like skin cancer. If you are prone to acne, it is advised to use an alcohol-based sunscreen spray to get rid of those pesky microbes. Excessive exposure to the sun can age your skin faster, so the more you protect it, the younger you will stay (visually anyway!).


#4 Your Eyes

Men hardly touch their eyes when it comes to self-grooming. Unfortunately, men age in a completely different way to women – the skin around men’s eyes age in stages, rather than slow progression like women’s do. The best way to slow down this process is regular and committed use of eye cream, and resting your eyes when they feel tired.


#5 Your Lips – Just as important.

Just like your eyes, your lips deserve special attention. Skin around the lip area is quite thin, and is often exposed enough to dry out quickly, and in addition it can crack when over exposed to the elements. The scientific reason behind the weakness of the lips is that they, unlike normal skin, do not have oil glands, which means they cannot stay moist naturally, nor do they have melanin, which means that protection from UV rays is non-existent. Keep your lips protected when in the sun, and try using a lip balm, especially if your lips are prone to drying.


After thought

Taking care of your face by following some of these tips would help your face look, fresh, healthier, and imminently, more attractive to others.

Author bio: Jenny H is a blogger for a face clinic in London, UK. She is a health enthusiast who has decided to blog more often, and to bring her beauty and health tips to as many sites as she can. When she is not working or blogging you can find her spending some quality time with her family.





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