5-Day Back Pain Cure – Your Natural Back Pain Relief

5-day back pain cure

5-Day Back Pain Cure – Your Natural Back Pain Relief

5-Day Back Pain Cure


If you one of the millions of people every year who suffer from chronic lower back pain, neck pain or sciatica nerve pain, and you want to end endless doctor visits and pain pills, then 5-Day Back Pain Cure is your natural back pain relief solution?

Now, with the 5-Day Back Pain Cure, written by Pete Powers, a person just like you and me, who suffered for years with painful chronic lower back pain, stiff neck pain and even sciatica nerve pain, you will learn the same back pain Relief solution that Pete discovered for himself to finally achieve real permanent back pain relief without the use of medications.  With this book, you can take youe life back!

Pete refused to be held hostage to years or even a lifetime of chronic lower back pain, taking pills to eliminate back pain and neither do you.

Pete spent years educating himself on the best natural lower back pain relief treatment options for lower back pain, sciatica nerve pain, and neck pain.

He mastered back pain exercises and discovered over-the-counter tools to help eliminate back pain naturally, with simple yet effective exercises that stretch sore muscles, ligaments and joints to help him finally find lower back pain relief so he could throw away pain killers, and end expensive and ineffective doctor treatments.

Pete was unwilling to introduce his natural back pain relief e-book until he was convinced it had permanently eliminated his back pain for good!

I met Pete recently and he shared his 5 Day Back Pain Cure with me.  I also deal with frequent lower back pain, due to weak back muscles.  If I sit or stand too long, I feel radiating pain throughout my lower back, and often get knots in my back.

Well, that day has come!  Pete Powers has introduced his 5-Day Back Pain Cure, so you too can experience natural pain relief without the use of prescription medicines and their unpleasant and even dangerous side effects!


Note: If you are working with a medical doctor, chiropractor, or any other type of medical or natural health practitioner, do not stop your treatment plan with them. Under their guidance, the goal of the 5 Day Back Pain Cure program is to reduce use of 


In this informative video,  which you must watch here, Pete explains:

  • where your back pain originates from
  • how back pain effects every aspect of your life
  • simple changes you can make that can keep back pain, neck pain and sciatica nerve pain away from good
  • Exercises to eliminate back pain
  • how what you are putting in your body can lead to chronic back pain and more!
  • At the end of the video you will learn how you can get 5 Day Back Pain Cure for yourself!


Pete also offers you a free gift just for watching the video:


17 Delicious Foods and Drinks that Fight Pain and Inflammation.


Just click here, to leave your name and email address, so Pete knows where to send you the Free Report, packed with fruits, vegetables and foods you may not have even known are natural fighters of pain and inflammation in your body!



What Kind of Body Pain can You Cure with the 5 Day Back Pain Relief plan?


  • Lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Sciatica nerve pain
  • Headaches
  • Pain related to stress, anxiety and depression
  • Unbalanced Body
  • Poor Posture
  • Pain related to poor ergonomics
  • Trigger points in the body
  • Pain related to injury
  • Pain related to unhealthy diet that leads to poor digestion and circulation



How is 5-Day Back Pain Cure Structured?


Part 1: Why Do You Have Pain?

Part 2: How to Get Rid of Your Pain

Part 3: More Ways to Relieve Back Pain, Prevent Pain, Be Healthier, and Feel Better all the time!

Part 4: Back Pain Exercises to


natural pain relief


Does the 5-Day Back Pain Cure Really Work in 5 Days?


Well, Pete says the 5-Day Back Pain Cure will work in 5 days to finally give you permanent back pain relief if you follow the plan, just as it worked for him.


  • Determine what actions are causing your lower back pain, and make changes to eliminate the back pain triggers.
  • You need to incorporate the recommended diet and exercise recommendations that can cause internal pain and inflammation.
  • make the recommended lifestyle changed, such as limiting consumption of alcohol, nicotine and unhealthy foods.
  • Get plenty of rest and healthy sleep.


If you have less free time and can only do an exercise per week, then it may take a little longer for you to achieve back pain relief.


5-Day Back Pain Cure Customer Testimonials


I like the part about the foods that cause inflammation. I also like the section about stretching. 

First, let me say that you have done an incredible job with this book!  I am so very impressed with your knowledge and how you’ve structured the subjects. I think it is very effective because of the structure and how the subjects are laid out.
Overall, I think you have a winner on your hands.  

It’s a very helpful and positive book!




Because my back pain is due to bulging discs, the topics I knew would be most helpful were those covering hydration and spinal decompression. What I didn’t expect though, was to have a “light bulb moment” while reading about topics related to diet and stress. Now that I’ve read the book and started really thinking about these extra points that I’ve never even considered, it makes perfect sense. Pete Powers provides excellent information in a way that is easy for the average reader to understand without getting overwhelmed by “doctorspeak”.   


When I sought medical help from a doctor for my back injury, one of the first things that were suggested was loading me up with anti inflammatory and pain medications. Another was the possibility of surgery. NO THANK YOU! Spinal decompression and drinking plenty of water have been a very important factor in allowing my discs to rejuvenate and hydrate. I spend about 20 minutes a day with my decompression and along with following many other tips and ideas Pete Powers covers in this book, I’m definitely well on my way to recovery!  Not only the direct back pain from the bulging discs has improved, but my sciatica has improved considerably. And best of all, it was done naturally, without the need for any prescription medications or surgery. I’m positive that anyone with any type of back pain will find quite a lot of information in “The 5-Day Back Pain Cure You Need to Know About” that will help them considerably.

J. M.


The book was well worth the price. I was impressed with how well it is written. Lots of good information, and done in an easy read format. You did all the research so I don’t have to, and have it streamlined, focused, and all in one spot!





The content in your book is superb!




Doing the recommendations in your book really helped my back pain a lot. I hardly ever have to spend money going to a chiropractor anymore. And if I ever have any pain, I know how to get rid of it quickly and easily, right at home. There were a lot of techniques in the book I never heard about before, but found extremely helpful.


I really like the section on how the mind can contribute to your pain. I’ve never seen or even thought about those types of techniques you suggest before. I’ve been doing them daily and I feel MUCH better emotionally, and physically. I got a lot more than I expected from your book Pete. You are a very smart man. Thank you!




Dear Pete,
Love your book! It’s really thorough and well written. I love the mental health suggestions for pain.  And the photos are captivating. Great job! I want to try those diet suggestions.

You know, the book is so professional that it really speaks for itself. Congrats.




About the Author – Pete Powers

With many e-book authors, you often wonder what makes them an authority on the subject they are writing about.  Well, Pete Powers knows his stuff.  Pete Powers is a back pain and natural health researcher and expert, an author, and Life Coach.

He’s not a medical doctor, but has spent over seven years working for one of the most well known natural food companies in the U.S. Pete’s position at the company gave him the opportunity to constantly be exposed to various members of the healing arts, such as Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Naturopathic Doctors, Massage Therapists and various other Holistic Healers.

As a Life Coach for over 15 years, Pete has helped hundreds of people get relief from back pain and other body problems, as well as emotional problems, such as depression and unwanted emotional issues, which often accompany pain.
Being a big fan of natural healing remedies, and continuously researching them for over 20 years, Pete continues to get educated on the latest remedies and techniques.
Later on in life after spending some time as a waiter while going to school, Pete started to develop frequent back pain from the constant lifting of the heavy trays. It was then that he decided to take it upon himself and start researching the best ways one could relieve their own back pain, without dangerous drugs or surgery from a medical doctor, and without having to go to the chiropractor twice a week like he was doing, and without spending loads of money!

Over the years, through his research, Pete has discovered many great, simple and effective ways to fix one’s back pain naturally.  Some of the most effective of these techniques are not commonly known. They are like hidden gems of relief!

Not content with keeping all of his discoveries to himself, Pete set out to do what he loves doing, and that is to share his discoveries and to help as many people as possible to feel as good as possible, as quickly as possible – this desire lead to the creation of the 5 Day Back Pain Cure.


How to Order 5-Day Back Pain Cure?

Just Click Here now, and you will immediately be taken to the secure portal to watch the video and order 5-Day Back Pain Cure , and also receive several free gifts.

This is a downloaded product, nothing will be sent to you.  Within minutes of ordering this back pain treatment program, the book will be sent to your email and you can learn how to treat lower back pain, neck pain and sciatica nerve pain for good!

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