Five Vacuum Therapy Benefits

By on November 1, 2011

Five Vacuum Therapy Benefits for Men with Diabetes

If you have erectile dysfunction and diabetes and are tired of the side effects of ED medications like Viagra, or you have found little success with erectile dysfunction treatments and are seeking a natural erectile dysfunction treatment,  one of the best natural remedies for impotence with an 80% to 95% success rate and is recommended by the American Urology Society, you need to look into Vacuum Therapy.  This natural erectile dysfunction treatment is also recommended for men who have had prostate surgery and now suffer from sexual performance issues.


What is Vacuum Therapy?

You may be asking, what is vacuum therapy?   Vacuum Therapy is a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction that uses a vacuum pump which is inserted over the flaccid penis and applies manual or electric vacuum therapy for erectile dysfunction your penis to force blood into the corpora cavernosa, which are the three sponge-like chambers that fill with blood to help a man achieve an erection suitable for sexual intercourse.

How does a penis pump work for men with diabetes and erectile dysfunction?  Erectile dysfunction is a condition that makes men unable to achieve an erection naturally.


A vacuum therapy is a medical appliance that fits over the penis, and using a manual or electric pump, vacuum pressure is applied to force blood into the chambers of the penis to create an erection.  The erection lasts for up to 30 minutes and is found to be 80-90% effective in men with erectile dysfunction.


5 Vacuum Therapy Benefits:

 Vacuun Therapy is for men who have not had success with ED medications like Viagra

 Vacuum Therapy is a Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatment for Men with Diabetes

 A Penis Pump is ideal for men who are seeking a natural erectile dysfunction treatment without side effects

 American Urological Society recommends vacuumMen who have had prostate removal surgery and cannot achieve an erection

Men who have had surgery due to prostate cancer


How Does Vacuum Therapy Work?

  • The penis is then inserted into a vacuum tube that applies vacuum therapy either manually or with a battery operated electric vacuum pump, to force blood into the penis.
  • As the penis becomes erect, this ring will trap blood in the corpora cavernosum and prevent it from leaking out.
  • A vacuum therapy pump can help a man with impotence achieve an erection for up to 30 minutes.
  • A penis pump for erectile dysfunction is recommended by the American Urology Society.
  • Vacuum Therapy has been shown to be an effective natural treatment for men with erectile dysfunction and diabetes with an 80% to 95% success rate in helping a man achieve an erection suitable for sexual intercourse.
  • Vacuum therapy can help a man with erectile dysfunction regain his self confidence and enjoy a healthy sex life again with his partner.

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