High Island Health Pro-State Prostate Massager

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High Island Health Pro-State Prostate Massager

Image of PS X


Do you know what makes the Prostate Massager from High Island Health the best natural drug-free enlarged prostate treatment to eliminate your BPH symptoms without the use of prostate medications?  As men reach the age of 45 or 50, prostate health becomes an important part of overall health. This is the age rqnge when men begin to experience prostate health issues, such as enlarged prostate (BPH), urine flow problems, prostate infection and prostate cancer.  While researching the best prostate massager to treat prostate problems and promote overall prostate health, I discovered that most manual and battery operated prostate massagers are marketed as adult sex toys, and not a medical device to treat enlarged prostate (BPH) symptoms.  This is where the line of Pro-State prostate massagers from High Island Health distinguish themselves from other prostate massagers.

High Island Health makes a line of prostate massagers that are designed to eliminate the pain and discomfort of prostate problems, such as enlarged prostate, urine flow problems and non-chronic prostate infection.  You can use this natural BPH treatment in the privacy of your home to perform prostate massage as a BPH treatment to:

» reduce the pain, discomfort and inflammation of an enlarged prostate

» treat prostatitis

» promote prostate health

» eliminate weak urination flow problems

» end late night bathroom trips

» stop painful ejaculation

» help cure bladder infection

» improve blood flow to flush away build up of toxins in the prostate ducts

» make sex enjoyable again


How To Choose The Best Prostate Massager?

My extensive research determined that the Pro-State prostate massagers from High Island Health,  which are doctor recommended,  is the best prostate massager to eliminate the most common BPH symptoms, such as  enlarged prostate, prostate infection and weak urine flow without the use of prescription medications and the unpleasant side effects that come with them.  The Pro-State prostate massagers come in three models, which you can see below, that re designed for men of various heights and body types, rather than just a one size fits all model.

Just click the graphic below to learn more about the benefits of each model of the High Island Pro-State prostate massagers.

Innovative Design for Your Safety, Comfort and Protection

High Island Health offers three models of the best selling Pro-State prostate massager,  which is designed to help eliminate BPH symptoms, such as pain, swelling, and weak urine flow naturally.


Click a link below to learn more about each prostate massager-

• PS-New

•  PS-2

•  PS-X

•  Prostate Massager Wellness Package*


The Pro-State prostate massager was invented and patented in the US by High Island Health as a medical device to eliminate BPH symptoms, promote optimum prostate function,  improve blood flow,  and improve weak urine flow to eliminate late night bathroom trips.  The prostate massagers from High Island Health have patented and innovative designs for the perfect fit.  This allows for hands-free application of just the right amount of pressure to both the prostate gland and perineum simultaneously to offer a complete, effective and soothing prostate massage to relieve pain and discomfort common with prostate problems.   Using the body’s natural contractions of the sphincter muscle for a more effective prostate massage experience, this is an ideal natural BPH treatment.


* The Prostate Massage Wellness Package, is a great value that includes lubricant, an applicator and your choice of a PS-New, PS-X or PS-2 Prostate Massager for one low price.

The Pro-State line of prostate massagers  is made in the United States by High Island Health from FDA approved medical grade materials for your safety, satisfaction and protection while performing prostate massage at home.  Prostate massage, also known as prostate milking, helps to release the build-up of prostatic fluid and bacteria in the ducts of the prostate gland, which can cause  inflammation of the prostate gland, that can cause pain, discomfort, infection, weak urine flow and painful ejaculation.  Using  the Pro-State Prostate Massager from High Island Health helps improve blood flow that washes away the build up of prostatic fluid and toxic bacteria and promotes healthy prostate function.


10 Benefits of using the High Island Health Prostate Massager:

  • Doctor recommended
  • Reduce or eliminate prostate pain and discomfort, due to enlarged prostate or prostatitis
  • Improve  urine flow
  • Reduce late night bathroom trips
  • Improves blood flow, which washes away bacteria and promotes healthy prostate function
  • Improves semen volume for more pleasurable and intense ejaculation during sexual intercourse
  • Promotes prostate orgasm, which can be more intense than penile orgasm
  • Achieve heightened sexual pleasure
  • Three models of the Pro-State massager are available to ensure comfort and proper use
  • Prostate massage can be done in the comfort and privacy of the home


One Size Does Not Fit All

Image of PS X prostate massager

While many companies offer one size or design of their prostate massager,  High Island offers three different models of their award winning Pro-State Prostate Massager as an alternative enlarged prostate treatment to prescription medication, like Flomax, Avodart or Proscar.  The PS-2 is for shorter men up to 5′ 6″ tall, PS-X is for men 5′ 7″ up to 5′ 11″, the PS-New is for taller men generally 5′ 11″ and above.

Stimulating the prostate gland through prostate massage, relaxes the muscles, which improves blood flow, and helps release the build up of prostatic fluid and bacteria trapped in the prostate ducts, sometimes called prostate drainage,  thus allowing for continued improved blood flow that leads to optimum function of this vital part of the male reproductive system.  The release of prostatis fluid, in addition to maintaining the health and function of the prostate gland, can produce a pleasurable prostate orgasm, which can be several times more intense than ejaculating semen.

See the Buyer’s Guide below for a full description of each pro-state prostate massager model, the type of massage offered and which prostate massager is ideal for your condition and body size.


Why Choose High Island Health?

The High Island Health Pro-State Prostate Massager is the first prostate massager developed as a natural  BPH treatment to alleviate the pain and discomfort of prostate problems, without the use of prescription medication.  Most prostate massagers on the market are hand held prostate massagers marketed as an adult sex toy, and not a medical device recommended by doctors for the treatment of an enlarged prostate.   Unlike the Pro-State Massager from High Island Health, which is designed and marketed primarily as a natural drug-free prostate treatment to alleviate the pain and discomfort of enlarged prostate and prostatitis, most other prostate massagers, such as  the Aneros MGX or Rocks Off Rude Boy,  are marketed as an adult sex toy and not as an enlarged prostate treatment.  In addition, a study from the Open Urology and Nephrology Journal found that the High Island Health prostate massagers were 90% effective in treating or eliminating BPH symptoms of the study participants.




High Island Health Pro-State Massager Buyer’s Guide

To determine which model of this prostate massager to buy, please refer to the  High Island Health Buyer’s Guide below.  Please note the PS-New is not recommended for men with a severely enlarged prostate,  as the intense massage provided with this prostate massager may irritate or injure the prostate gland.  Also, men with acute prostatitis should consult their doctor before performing self prostate massage, as the massage may release bacteria from the prostate ducts into the body, and can spread the infection.  Most important, men with prostate cancer should not perform prostate massage without the guidance and instruction of a trained medical professional, due to the potential risk of spreading cancer to other parts of the body.



Starter Kits
  • Our Pro-State Starter Kits include one of our units and everything else needed for using the massager.
  • ID Glide water-based lubricant and a single sample Precision lubricant applicator.  Using a lubricant helps for easy insertion into the anus.
  • Some men prefer the ease-of-use the Precision applicators provide. The Bulb-Style Rectal Syringe is used for a warm water enema to cleanse prior to using the device.
Depends on the model selected Image of  Starter Kit
  • The PS-X is our newest model designed after years of research and customer feedback.
  • Based on 3 utility patents
  • Has a slightly more angled and bulbous head to provide a deeper, more thorough, yet gentle massage of your prostate.
Generally for men 5’7″ to 5’11″http://www.highisland.com/images/large_psx.gif
  • The PS-New, our original model the PS-New, can be used by taller men.
  • Bigger and more aggressive than the PS-2
  • The head can extend beyond the prostate gland to apply additional downward pressure and to massage the seminal vesicles.
  • Note: This model is not for people with a severely enlarged prostate due to the more thorough massage that it provides.
Generally for men 5’11″ and aboveImage of PS  New
  • The PS-2 model provides a gentle massage
  • Designed for people of smaller stature, usually 5’6” or below.
  • The smaller size of the PS-2 also allows the device to move more freely and with less friction.
  • This model can be used for people with conditions making it difficult for insertion.
Generally for men 5’6″ and belowImage of PS 2
Peristal for both men and women
  • The Peristol is our newest product designed to massage hemorrhoids.
  • The Peristal works by gently massaging the tissues around your hemorrhoids and anal-rectal area.
Beginners should start with Step 1 (22 mm) and work their way down to the smallest model.


Drawbacks of the High Island Health Pro-State Prostate Massager

The main drawback of the High Island Health prostate massager is that it is difficult to achieve a prostate orgasm.  Men choose the High Island Health prostate massage as a natural alternative medical treatment to prescription drugs for enlarged prostate.

If you are looking for a prostate stimulator for sexual pleasure to achieve a prostate orgasm, check out our review of the Aneros Prostate Stimulators.


Testimonials of Satisfied Users of the High Island Health Pro-State Massager:

“Before I used the prostate massager I never seemed to empty my bladder but now more than half the time, I am completely relieved. It has been a life changer.”

“I can now drive longer distances before I have to use the restroom.”

“The PS-New produces greater discharge volume & more intense sensations; About three years ago I had a total hip replacement. That procedure required a urinary catheter. Some days after the removal, I was measuring urine out put and saw several small stones, about the size of a “buck-shot”. I went to the urologist and upon examination for the source of these stones, he said the stones in the prostate are not that uncommon and that the catheter probably dislodged them. Enter the use of the PS-New. Shortly after removal of the PS-New I had pink discharge and then later when passing urine, I passed several stones, one being the size of a small pea. This stone however, was not round and smooth as the vegetable! Thankfully this event was rapid and almost pain free. My conclusion is that the use of the PS-New probably saved me from any future urinary problems. Hope this is helpful – B.B.”

“I have been using the Pro-State massager and Silver Water for the past month. My symptoms have been pretty much totally eliminated. My ejaculate is more fluid and the volume/force has increased quite a bit. Using the massager is very pleasurable and I have used it several times during intercourse with impressive results. My urination and sexual experiences are simply amazing now and I have no discomfort at all since using the Pro-State massager. Thank you for inventing this little wonder!”

“I noticed a marked improvement in my urine stream. Its much stronger and I’m not urinating as often. I will definitely keep using it and I will try to increase the frequency of use. I think that will help me even more.” F.L. (OH)

“What a blessing – The Pro-State has changed my life completely – I am considering stopping taking my flomax.” W.A. (Indiana)

These are just a few of the many testimonials from happy and satisfied users of the Pro-State prostate massager.   If you suffer from pain and discomfort due to enlarged prostate or your doctor has recommended using a prostate massager, the Pro-State massager  from High Island Health is the product for you.

How to Purchase a Prostate Massager from High Island Health?

To purchase a Pro-State Prostate Massager from High Island Health, Click here to learn more about High Island Health and the full line of prostate massagers to begin feeling immediate relief from enlarged prostate naturally.


To Your Health!





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    We have prostate massagers for medical purposes and sexual pleasure. Depending on what your needs are, we have the right prostate massager for you. Just let me know. Thanks, Ken

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