Matrix Assessment Profile (MAP) Review

By on August 21, 2012
Matrix Assessment Profile

Matrix Assessment Profile

Are you ready to end Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, or Chronic Pain without medication?  Are you tired of feeling sick and tired, and are you wondering if something inside you is just not right?   Have you been to doctor after doctor, yet they can’t seem to figure what is wrong?  Are you finally at the point where you are thinking traditional medicine may not have the cure you need?  If you answered yes, keep reading…and discover how the Matrix Assessment Profile from Optimal Wellness Labs is the natural treatment you have been seeking.

You see, most prescription medicines are designed to treat symptoms and not the root cause of what is ailing you.  The fact is most western doctors are trained to look for and treat symptoms of an illness, sickness or disease, in hopes of making you “well,”  but rather match a treatment protocol to the symptoms.

It has been well known and documented for many years that by eliminating the root cause of your ailment,  your symptoms will generally disappear on their own without prescription medications, as the body begins to heal itself.  One of the best ways to uncover the root cause of an illness is with a diagnostic tool that will seek out the genetic or cellular markers, and when out of balance will identify the root cause of your issue.  This diagnostic tool, called the Matrix Assessment Profile, uses technology developed by NASA to pinpoint your body systems that are out of balance, which is generally the root cause of your sickness, illness or treatable disease?


What is the Matrix Assessment Profile?

The Matrix Assessment Profile, developed by Optimal Wellness Labs, is not some wacky new age unproven science, but rather a proven medical assessment based on science developed by NASA over 30 years ago.  The Matrix Assessment Profile uses your own bodily fluids to  identify the root cause of your symptoms by looking at what is happening inside your body with genetic markers to pinpoint deficiencies in the function of your organs, tissue and body systems at the cellular level.

I met with a representative from Optimal Wellness Labs, who asked me to try the product and write a Matrix Assessment Profile review for my blog.  They sent me a kit.  I filled out the profile and provided a small urine and saliva sample in the collection bottles that came with the kit.  I placed my samples in the leak proof bio bag.  I just put the samples in the box and applied the tape and label, which came with the kit, and just dropped it off at my local FedEx store.  That simple!

In about two weeks I received my biological assessment  by email that identified where my body systems are out of balance, and even provided my biological age.  The assessment also included a recommended treatment protocol.


Special “Health Matrix” Webinar Event for Men’s Health Cures readers.

I want to encourage you to REGISTER now for this special Matrix Assessment Profile Webinar presentation to find out what’s really going on inside your body’s chemistry … and discover how to get to the root cause of your health problems once and for all.





The Matrix Assessment Profile (MAP) uses Technology Developed by NASA

The Matrix Transformation Technology was developed by NASA over 30 years ago to help their researchers identify cellular changes in blood, tissue and organs of astronauts who spent weeks or months in the weightless, cold and harsh environment of outer space.  These cellular changes were important to identify the root cause of physical or mental ailments astronauts has developed, or could result into a treatable disease that developed over time, due to untreated biological changes astronauts faced.

Optimal Wellness Labs harnessed this amazing technology developed by NASA for astronauts,  and using Quantum Fluid Analysis technology, Optimal Wellness Labs technicians are able to take your biological samples and put them through the same process NASA researchers used on the samples from astronauts to identify small biological changes taking place in your body that regular blood tests can’t detect,  that are often at the root of your condition.



Common Ailments Treated with Matrix Assessment Profile (MAP)

The M.A.P. technology has been used to identify the root cause of common ailments affected both men and women, such as:

• Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

• Memory loss issues

Type 2 Diabetes

• Stress, anxiety and depression

High LDL Cholesterol

• Erectile Dysfunction

Unsuccessful weight loss or weight gain


 Fertility issues


Chronic Fatigue

Heart Disease

Irritable Bowl Syndrome

Migraine Headaches and More.


Men’s Health Cures readers can get a MAP kit at 50% Off the regular price.

The Matrix Assessment Profile (MAP) regularly sells for $397 per evaluation plus shipping.  That’s over 81% less than the conventional medical lab testing.  But, I’ve got more good news for you as a Men’s Health Cures subsriber.

You won’t pay $397 today.  When you order your MAP Kit through this special offer…  you will pay just $194 plus a small shipping fee.  That’s over 50% off the regular price!





Take Your Life Back

Matrix Assessment Profile

Have you been taking prescription medications for years to control your condition, such as Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or fibromyalgia? Do you wish there was a natural treatment so you can finally eliminate the need to take pills for the rest of your life?  If that fits you, then you will want to lean about this unique home diagnostic assessment.  Many people just like you have used the Matrix Assessment Profile to finally take their life back, and are symptom free for the first time in years, and are no longer a slave to the pills to help them “feel well.”


The Matrix Assessment Profile goes where no doctor or test has gone before to find the root cause of your condition…. to the cellular level in your body.   In western medicine today, doctors must rely on outdated, expensive and unreliable testing methods and prescription medications, that often come with unpleasant or even dangerous side effects to address the symptoms, but not the root cause.  This, all-to-often, leaves the patient frustrated with limited or no relief from their symptoms, or the symptoms return when medication is discontinued.  When doctors have exhausted all their treatment options or even suggest the symptoms are all in your head, this has forced people like you to take medical care in your own hands to find relief.



Health Recommendations

Matrix Assessment Profile Assessment


Nearly 90% of patients who have used the Matrix Assessment Profile from Optimal Wellness Labs are completely symptom free within 90 days.  With the detailed results from your biological assessment, natural, holistic and drug-free solutions can often be found to quickly and permanently end your condition.

While your results may vary, your assessment comes with a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your results. Try going back to your doctor for a refund if their treatment doesn’t work.  You have nothing to lose and perfect health to gain by trying the Matrix Assessment Profile today!


Special “Health Matrix” Webinar Event for Men’s Health Cures readers.


I want to encourage you to REGISTER now for this special Matrix Assessment Profile Webinar presentation to find out what’s really going on inside your body’s chemistry … and discover how to get to the root cause of your health problems once and for all.



See How a Skeptic Finally Found a Cure for His Ailments, where Traditional Medicine left him Without a Cure.




What Comes in the Matrix Assessment Profile Kit?

When you purchase your Matrix Assessment Profile, here is what you get:

1 – Plastic Urine collection bottle

1 – Saliva Collection Bottle

1 – Personal Health Assessment and Medical Profile

1 – Pre-Labeled FedEx Return Pouch



How Does the Matrix Assessment Profile work?


When you order your Matrix Assessment Profile from Optimal Wellness Labs,  it will arrive a few days later in an unmarked white box for your privacy.  Fill out the health assessment form, then follow the easy-to-follow instructions on how and when to provide the biological samples for best results.

Next, follow the simple instructions on how to package your biological samples and call  or drop it off at your nearest FedEx drop-off station.  It’s that easy!  Using the small urine and saliva samples, the researchers will use patented quantum fluid analysis technology, in conjunction with your health survey, they will be able to map out and develop a comprehensive analysis of the cellular changes and deficiencies that have taken place in your body, to identify the real root cause of your condition.

Within about two weeks of sending in your samples, Optimal Wellness Labs will send you a complete biological analysis of  the root cause of your condition, and how your ailment is affecting your other body systems.   The analysis will come with recommendations for how to put your body systems back into balance, which will help alleviate your symptoms naturally.

Matrix Assessment Profile


What is Your Biological age?

You will also learn your biological age.  You know your chronological age, this is your age from birth, but what about your biological age?  This is a composite of how your weight, lifestyle, overall health, your your condition and other physical and environmental factors affect your body.  So, while chronologically you may be 45 for example, your biological age is 58, due to how these composite factors are putting stress on the health and function of your body systems.  While you can’t turn back the clock on your chronological age,  you will learn valuable tips on how to turn back your biological age and live a longer, healthier and more vital life!

The Matrix Assessment Profile, also known as Matrix Transformation,  will pinpoint factors contributing to the root cause of your ailment, such as genetics, improper diet, stress, anxiety, current lifestyle and environmental factors that are impacting the health, wellness and proper function of your body systems.  You will receive a detailed report, including a written assessment and graphical assessment of each of the body systems that are affected, due to your condition.  Your Matrix Assessment from Optimal Wellness Labs also includes recommended diet modifications, health supplements designed to stabilize or regulate affected body functions,  exercise regimen, stress reduction tips, and environmental changes you should make to naturally reverse your symptoms or condition and restore balance and harmony within your body, without the use of prescription medications.


Get Your Matrix Assessment Profile (MAP kit) at 50% Off the regular price.

The Matrix Assessment Profile (MAP) regularly sells for $397 per evaluation plus shipping.  That’s over 81% less than the conventional medical lab testing.  But, I’ve got more good news for you as a Men’s Health Cures reader.

You won’t pay $397 today.  When are order your MAP Kit through this special offer…  you will pay just $194 plus a small shipping fee.  That’s over 50% off the regular price!







Who is Dr. DiCenso?

Dr. Richard DiCenso Dr. Richard A. DiCenso, DC,  used his nearly 30 years in Neuropathic medicine as a chiropractor to turn the techniques developed by NASA into the Matrix Assessment Profile (M.A.P), which he developed nearly 15 years ago.   You see medical researchers look for drugs to treat symptoms.  Neuropathic doctors use 5,000 year old Eastern medical practices, such chiropractic, acupuncture,  and Ayurveda to treat the root cause of the ailment, to  provide a natural and permanent cure without the use of prescription drugs and their unpleasant or even dangerous side effects.


How to Cure Vicious Cycle Disorder (VCD)?

One of the most troubling conditions faced by patients and doctors  is the Vicious Cycle Disorder.  Vicious Cycle Disorder is when a patient has a condition or symptoms with no apparent cause.  This leaves patients frustrated and doctors baffled.  When normal blood test results come back negative, false or inconclusive, or the condition is mis-diagnosed or mis-treated, medical training says wait for more symptoms to appear and try again.   This is not helpful to a suffering patient, or worse, the doctor may say it is all in your head. Disease can be rooted at the cellular level, in organs or tissue, skeletal structure or a body system, with few or no discernible symptoms to identify what the problem is or likely is.

The Matrix Assessment Profile, on the other hand, does not focus on unreliable blood tests, but rather goes deep into the tissue and cells of the human body to look for anomalies in the proper function of body systems compared to normal ranges known for a healthy functioning body.  These anomalies are often related to the root cause of many common conditions.  By targeting these anomalies, body systems often return to normal healthy function naturally, and the symptoms often disappear on their own without need for prescription medications.


Benefits of Using the Matrix Assessment Profile

  • Discover the root cause of your ailment.
  • No Need for additional tests.
  • No more being told it’s all in your head, or this is how things will be for now on.
  • Learn about natural remedies, including diet, lifestyle changes, exercise and other natural remedies to finally make you well.
  • Learn you true physical and biological age.
  •  Doctors will discuss your assessment with you.
  • Eliminate the need to take prescription medications, with their unpleasant side effects.
  • Learn how what you put in your body may be making you sick.


Weekly Call with Dr. D.

When you order your Matrix Assessment Profile test kit, you will automatically begin receiving notification emails for a weekly conference call run by Dr. Richard DiCenso and his team to answer any questions you may have on your experience with the Matrix Assessment Profile, or questions about the assessment you will receive regarding your condition. You’ll have a chance to ask a question about any part of The Matrix Assessment Profile (MAP) process, including your condition, testing, diagnostic analysis, the recommended treatment protocol and creating your unique profile.  Even if you’re still waiting for your testing kit to be delivered or waiting for the lab to process your results, you can ask questions on how to provide the samples, or what you can expect when you receive your results.


Some of the most frequently asked questions are:

  • What does my Biological Age calculation really mean?
  • What are the most significant items on the MAP report that I should focus on?
  • How do I interpret the “Terror Alert System”?
  • How can you interpret the source of my symptoms without a blood sample?
  • What should I be doing right after I receive my results back?
  • What should I expect to happen during the 12-week roadmap?
  • What happens if I don’t see any results during the detox phase of the program?

Even if you have already received your results, you can get your questions answered about interpreting the results, or the recommended lifestyle changes. You will also learn about how you can schedule a private one-on-one consultation with Dr. DiCenso to discuss your results in greater detail and developing an action plan.


Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

  • He modified my diet, recommended some specific nutritional supplements, encouraged me to begin exercising and gave me some tools to help me relax. I feel like a totally new person
  • I rarely have to take any medication, I sleep through the night, and I get out frequently to visit with friends, go shopping, and attend events.
  • “On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate the support information I receive a 12″ – Lester J
  • “The answers I’ve been looking for for the last forty years” – Christine G
  • “Just finished week one of the 8 week protocol and I’m feeling very good…my blood pressure has never been so great” – Denise


Where Can You Buy the Matrix Assessment Profile?

Buy the Matrix Assessment Profile <——-  Here directly from Optimal Wellness Labs for just $194,and begin your journey to end the symptoms of your condition once and for all.

Matrix Assessment Profile

To Your Health!




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